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Solutions Helping to Make The Shift


Freedom Cells

If you are interested in organizing to live free from the government/corporate complex, start or join a Freedom Cell. Organized by journalist and author Derrick Broze, the Freedomcell Network is designed to create a self sustaining economy based on the idea of Agorism. Check out this interview with Derrick for more information and a complete description of the concept:

This freedom cell network combined with the “Alchemical Economy” described in the interview with Phoenix Aurelieus (below) provides a complete solution for those seeking a wholistic and sustainable lifestyle free from dependency upon the corporate/government cartel. Click on the link to find like-minded individuals near you!

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Phoenix Aurelius

If you liked the The Shift Episode 52 featuring alchemist Phoenix Aurelieus check out his apothecary at the link below!

Check out Phoenix’s Apothecary here.


The Shift also supports the efforts of Foster and Kimberly Gamble in their quest to inform humanity and help build a better future. Please consider checking out the new documentary Thrive II: This is What it Takes, released September, 2020. Click on the link below to watch the movie or subscribe to help Foster and Kimberly take the movement into the future!

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What the Shift is about.

The Shift is a podcast designed to explore alternatives to the mainstream, corporate sponsored media that bombards our senses everyday.  Did you know there are five major media corporations that produce 95% of the media you are asked to ingest 24/7?  These corporations have a profound influence on how you think, feel and perceive about the world around you.

All this media is bought and paid for by those pesky commercials that show up everywhere.  Those commercials not only entice you to consume, but they also cause a conflict of interest with the content creators.  Do you really think your favorite news channel is telling the truth about healthcare when their profits depend on those Viagra commercials?  Are you getting real news about the economy from that program paid for by the five mega-banks?

The Shift promises to break you out of the Matrix with in depth, long form interviews featuring experts unafraid to discuss topics outside of the mainstream corporate narrative.  Not only are we expanding the scope of the conversation by exposing the real reasons for the problems of today, The Shift will also provide real world solutions that, with your help, have the potential to regain control of our bodies, our communities and our political system from those who steal our labor and our community resources for the benefit of the few over the many.

Educate yourself and join us and people all over the world who are seeking to make The Shift to a more vibrant and sustainable future.

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