Host Doug McKenty challenges the left/right paradigm with this fascinating interview with blogger Jamie Lee from  Join them for a discussion about the real history behind todays corporate system and learn about an alternative viewpoint to the dialectical thinking behind mainstream political commentary.


“The Shift” with Doug McKenty

My name is Doug McKenty and I want to reach out to all those interested about my new podcast, “The Shift.”  I have been working in local radio for almost a decade and have decided to branch out with the production of an internet based program with access to markets throughout Northern California and beyond.  If you liked “Open Lines” or “The Thursday Morning Report” on KZYX, I hope you will be as excited as I am about the new show.

“The Shift” will provide alternative perspectives on a diversity of topics ranging from history, economics, philosophy and spirituality, as well as offering news and current events from a community rights based perspective.  It will be an in depth, hour long interview show featuring guests with expertise in a variety of fields relating to the development of a post-industrial perspective that seeks alternatives to our current dependance on fossil fuels for our energy needs and works toward the creation of self-sustaining communities, families and individuals.  I will also be exploring indigenous issues with the hopes of bridging the gap between pre and post colonial perspectives.  It is my hope that in this way we can create a more peaceful and thriving environment for generations to come.

If you like what you are hearing and are the owner of a business or caretaker of any enterprise you would like to promote, please consider supporting this new endeavor.  “The Shift” will be produced bi-weekly and distributed initially on social media, and permanently archived at  As of January 2016, all episodes will also be available through iTunes.

I am making a preliminary offer of $30 per pitch or $200 for eight episodes.  Each pitch will be approximately 30 seconds long and will be spoken either at the beginning, middle or end of the show.  If you are interested in helping get this program off the ground, please write me at, contact me through or give me a call at 707-353-0469.

Thanks in advance to all those who consider supporting making “The Shift,”

Doug McKenty