Our Approach

The Shift is born of a need to create a safe space for alternative thinkers to develop a worldview that will take this planet to the next level.  Humans have been alienated for too long, and the separation of soul and nature inherent in the current paradigm is literally driving us to the brink of extinction.  Over time, we need to learn how to make a Shift from the current materialistic paradigm, to one that seeks long lasting solutions that will function for the seventh generation.

Our Story

Doug McKenty left the academic world in 1994 looking for a new path of knowledge that can function for humanity into the future.  Materialism, corporatism and consumerism no longer work for the people or the planet.  Through conversation, join Doug as he discovers a new way of viewing the world.  A new reality awaits those who are ready to see.


Doug McKenty


Host Doug McKenty studied philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX when he realized that the status quo could not work for humanity going forward.  The consciousnesses of Empire ultimately leads to alienation and environmental devastation.  Liberation can only be affected when we as individuals open our minds to the reality of elite control and choose to walk a different path.

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