Enjoy this series produced in partnership with The Line International that explores the damages done by Coronavirus Lockdowns. Co-hosts Doug McKenty and George Roach team up once again to delve into issues specifically related to the Coronavirus pandemic narrative that you won’t find in the Mainstream Media.

Episode 1: The Fear Pandemic and Mass Delusional Psychosis with Dr. Mark McDonald

Check out this first episode of Behind the Line: The Facts and the Fiction where co-hosts George Roche and Doug McKenty interview psychiatrist Mark McDonald of America’s Frontline Doctors about all things lockdown. Find out more about The Line Canada at www.thelinecanada.com.

Episode 2: The Truth Behind Covid Deaths with Global Frontline Nurses

The Line interviews members of America’s Front Line Doctors and Global Front Line Nurses.Discussions about the reality of healthcare and other Covid related issues.

Episode 3: Technocracy and the Global Totalitarian Takeover

Enjoy this third episode of Behind the Line with hosts Doug McKenty and George Roche. This episode features Kilgore Rand of #IDoNotComply. This interesting discussion provides an overview of the coming technocratic state and offers a comparison and contrast between anti-lockdown political organizing in the US and Canada. Find out more about Kilgore at https://www.idonotcomply.org/ and go to https://thelinecanada.com/ for more information about The Line.