“Breaking the News” was a short-lived project I produced in partnership with Captain Wardrobe.  We did a total of three episodes, but I wanted to include them here, as these episodes cover the early days of the Ukraine invasion and an especially interesting dialogue with Ian Davis and Joe Atwill.


Breaking the News 2: Iain Davis and Joe Atwill

Enjoy this second episode of Breaking the News where cohosts Doug McKenty and Paul@SpaceStationEarth discuss the current state of affairs with journalist Iain Davis and author Joe Atwill. The conversation focuses on the power of dominant narratives and why it is important to remain skeptical.

Breaking the News Episode 1: Waggaman and Lena

Enjoy this first-ever episode of “Breaking the News” where cohosts Doug McKenty and Paul@SpaceeStationEarth discuss global politics, emphasizing the Ukraine crisis with Riley Waggaman and Tessa Lena. Riley is a US-born journalist based in Moscow, reporting his direct experiences concerning how the crisis affects and influences Russia’s average citizen. Find out more about his work at www.edwardslavsquat.substack.com. Conversely, Tessa is a Russian born, US-based blogger capable of observing Western narratives from a distinctly Russian perspective. You can find her work at www.tessafightsrobots.com.

Special Report: The Russia Roundtable with Waggaman and Wardrobe

In this roundtable discussion, host Doug McKenty discusses the first month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with Moscow-based journalist Riley Waggaman and long-time conspiracy analyst Captain Wardrobe. They expand on McKenty’s recent blog post concerning propaganda and its impact on the debate about this topic, compare a variety of interpretations as to the motivations behind the invasion, and place the conflict within a larger geopolitical context. These include de-dollarization and the potential influence of the World Economic Forum.

Find the writings of Riley Waggaman at www.edwardslavsquat.substack.com and follow him on Twitter @RileyWaggaman.

Find decades of research by Captain Wardrobe at www.declarepeace.org.uk/captain.