The Shift Episode 100: The Pedagogy of the Oppressed with Dr. Cynthia McKinney

Enjoy this 100th episode of The Shift as host Doug McKety discusses current coronavirus messaging through the lens of Paulo Friere’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”. This important conversation bridges the left/right paradigm utilizing Friere’s concept of dialogue as a tool for liberation in contrast to the dialectic approach behind most teaching methodologies as well as most political propaganda. We then apply these concepts to the current pandemic crisis and analyze how much of what we ingest as news conforms to Friere’s descriptions of a pedagogy of colonization and oppression. Find out more about Dr. Cynthia McKinney, including her latest collaboration, “When China Sneezes”, at

The Shift Episode 99: Left Libertarianism with J. Todd Ring

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the philosophical roots of modern-day liberalism with author, blogger, and political philosopher J. Todd Ring. This conversation continues to expand on the concept of left-libertarianism in the hopes of cultivating a “big tent” consisting of the many who currently identify with either side of the left/right divide, but have concerns about the deterioration of boundaries between individual autonomy and state power. Listen in as they discuss a disturbing trend among modern-day liberals who seem detached from historical values that included prescribed limits on state and corporate power. Find out more about the work of J. Todd Ring at

The Shift Episode 98: Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses how the military-industrial complex has been working for decades on dual-use technologies of population control with author Elana Freeland. Her latest book, Engineered Transhumanism, connects the dots between weather modification technologies and nanotech that together provide full-spectrum dominance of natural electromagnetic frequencies that affect natural phenomena on a planetary, as well as an individual level. Combined, these technologies provide mechanisms for control over both the macro and microenvironments and could result in an end to individual free will as we know it. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 97: Hypocrazy with Charley Robinson

The Shift welcomes back author and podcaster Charley Robinson onto the program. His new book Hypocrazy details the extent to which those in power rely on blatant hypocrisy to justify actions resulting in the personal benefit of the few while pretending to operate for the good of the many. Stay tuned for this conversation that covers hypocritical behavior within business, politics, the media, healthcare and other segments of society. Find out more about the work of Charlie Robinson at

The Shift Episode 96: Forging Excalibur with Michael Lauria

In this episode host Doug McKenty discusses healthy masculinity with Micheal Lauria, author of Forging Excalibur. In an era where the modern feminist movement often discusses the concept of “toxic masculinity” men often find themselves confused and disoriented concerning the healthy expression of positive masculine traits. Stay tuned for this conversation that addresses this question and provides a path for men to redefine their relationship with masculinity in order to reconnect with positive masculine potential. Find out more about Michael’s work at Get a free copy of the book here: Join the Forging Excalibur Facebook group:

The Shift Episode 95: All the Way Down the Rabbit Hole with Sami Richard

Enjoy this episode where host Doug McKenty discussed the “bifurcation” of consciousness occurring across the globe right now with blogger Sami Richard. If it seems like many people in your life do not understand your perspective concerning many issues, and it sometimes feels like you live on a different planet, this conversation is for you. They describe how there are two different paradigms of awareness currently creating a split in how different people perceive reality. Not only do they discuss characteristics of each, but also the process by which to shift from one to the other. Find more of the work of Sami Richard at

The Shift Episode 94: On Racism and Politics with Niko House

Enjoy this 94th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty has that “uncomfortable conversation” about race with Niko House, host of the MCSC Network. Listen in as they discuss their different perspectives on race based on lived experience and very different cultural backgrounds. Finally, a mature conversation between persons of disparate racial identities that includes the root causes of racism, its apparent reemergence in the age of Trumpism, then posits potential solutions to the problem. Go to to find all episodes of Mi Casa Su Casa and the MCSC Network.

The Shift Episode 93: Dominant Culture and Its Alternatives with Dylan Charles Hunt

Enjoy this episode where host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive concerning the dominant cultural paradigm and its alternatives with the editor of the online magazine Waking Times Dylan Charles Hunt. Listen in as Hunt explains how his experiences with Chi Gung and plant medicines allowed him to transcend his own self-sabotaging tendencies and inspired him to begin helping others as a self-sabotage coach. Find out more about Dylan and his work at Go to to listen to his podcast and for coaching services.

The Shift Episode 92: The Mystery of Crop Circles with Freddy Silva

Enjoy this conversation with Freddy Silva concerning his book Secrets of the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. Though many believe crop circles to be a hoax, Freddy’s careful on-site analysis of the phenomenon for over a ten-year period of time reveals an accuracy impossible for humans to replicate with modern technology. Stay tuned as the discussion includes not only how they were made, but also a conversation about the messaging hidden within their design. Find out more about the work of Freddy Silva at

The Shift Episode 91: The State of Corporate Journalism with Alison Morrow

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty speaks with professional journalist turned independent content producer, Alison Morrow. This conversation details her personal experience inside the corporate media world and provides explanations for why the corporate narrative so rarely strays from the dominant establishment line. Find out more about Alison’s current work at the Alison Morrow channel on YouTube, Rokfin, and Odysee.

The Shift Episode 90: Freedom and Education with David Rodriguez

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty talks with freedom activist David Rodriguez about the nature of freedom and the importance of voluntary education. David worked with legendary education reform leader John Taylor Gatto to publish his last book, The Underground History of American Education, before going on to continue the work himself through the creation of the Education Options Expo as well as Valor Academy, which provides early graduation and apprenticeship opportunities to teens. David has also been active in “right to travel” initiatives as well as actions designed to educate the public concerning recent curfews, lockdowns, and mandates in his hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Check out “The Freedom Lovers Show” on YouTube and stay tuned for the release of The GATTO Project which can be found at

The Shift Episode 89: Ibogaine and Addiction with Mary Ditton

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the efficacy of the entheogen Ibogaine as a tool in addiction cessation with Accidental Psychonaut Mary Ditton. Mary is a massage therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner who has spent a lifetime exploring the possibilities of the use of psychedelics for healing and spiritual awareness. She spent five years working at the Awakening in the Dream House Ibogaine clinic in Mexico and has seen firsthand the effects of the drug on those suffering from long-term opiate addictions. Stay tuned for this conversation that covers the Ibogaine treatment protocol, and also takes a deep dive into the use of a variety of entheogens for both medical and spiritual use. Find out more about Mary Ditton at The Accidental Psychonaut on YouTube, and discover more about Ibogaine treatment at

The Shift Episode 88: Anti-Politics with Sal Mayweather

In this episode of The Shift host, Doug McKenty discusses the idea of Agorism with Sal Mayweather, author of Anti-Politics and host of “The Agora” podcast. Agorism is the idea that the best way to dissolve authoritarian systems of government is simply to ignore them. By creating a “counter economy” separate from centralized means of production and unregulated by the state, these activists seek to bring down systems of oppression by simply circumventing them. In their view, political action only enables the very systems they are seeking to transmute through non-violent, civil disobedience. Find out more about the work of Sal Mayweather at

The Shift Episode 87: Fighting Robots with Tessa Lena

Enjoy this episode as host Doug McKenty discusses how to be human in a technocratic age with artist, musician and blogger Tessa Lena. Her blog, Tessa Fights Robots, tackles controversial issues with a style and grace that emphasizes the emotional over the logical. While most definitely engaging in a critical analysis of world events, her writing balances an objective critique in balance with the emotional world that really defines how we, as humans, perceive our reality. Not only does coming from this place of love provide a softness that is difficult to argue with, it also provides the reader with an analysis that transcends the traditional dialectics that pervade the blogosphere. Stay tuned for this conversation that reminds us of what it really means to be human in a technocratic world. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 86: Mythology Revisited with Sophie Strand

This episode features a discussion about mythology, psychology, and archetypal consciousness that covers perhaps the most important issue of our time. While the idea of patriarchy is bandied about in political dialogue these days, it is rarely properly defined and often poorly misunderstood. Stay tuned for this deep dive into the archetype that drives the modern age, an understanding of why it is unhealthy, and alternative ways of thinking that can provide harmony within our families and communities and sustainability in our relationship with Mother Earth. Sound too good to be true? Sophie Strand, author of The Flowering Wand, draws upon ancient and modern thought to form an epistemology that can do just that. Find out more about Sophie on Facebook or @cosmogyny on Instagram.

The Shift Episode 85: Cancer Alternatives with Robert Wright

Enjoy this 85th episode of the Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses all things cancer with the founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute Robert Wright. In his book, Kill Cancer not People, Robert describes the scientific advances in naturopathy that have isolated the root causes of cancer and provided treatment protocols that really work. Stay tuned for this in-depth description of cancer alternatives, and an explanation for why they are not widely implemented. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 84: Natural Medicine with Amandha Vollmer

Enjoy this 84th episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses alternative healing with naturopathic doctor Amandha Vollmer. This discussion provides a big picture analysis of the “cult” of allopathic medicine and offers an alternative paradigm for health and healing. Find out more about the work of Amandha Vollmer at

The Shift Episode 83: United Intentions with Tim Ray

Enjoy this 83rd episode of The Shift with Doug McKenty featuring the host of “Frequency Wars” and Executive Producer of the UI Media Network Tim Ray. Tim has been fighting the good fight since 2009 with the incorporation of the non-profit United Intentions Foundation dedicated to disseminating news and information from outside the government/corporate narrative. His podcast “Frequency Wars” has provided a platform for hundreds of scientists and experts with an independent perspective a censorship-free environment to express views beyond the left/right paradigm with the admirable goal of uniting his audience against the totalitarian impulses of the corporate system. The UI Media Network is an excellent source of independent media for consumers and also provides a distribution network for content creators. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 82: Viral Visualizations with Dr. Julianne Romanello

In this episode, Doug interviews Dr. Julianne Romanello regarding a paper published by MIT entitled “Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online”. This study followed anti-lockdown activists on social media and discovered groups of highly scientifically literate individuals utilizing cutting-edge data collation practices to argue that lockdowns don’t work. With no evidence, the paper concludes these groups must be racists who have weaponized critical thinking in order to radicalize others into “heterodox” beliefs, rather than simply admitting they make a good argument and advocating for public debate over this important issue. Find out more about Dr. Romanello and her work at Find the MIT paper here:

The Shift Episode 81: Wholistic Health and Tantra with Sureya Leonara

In this episode, Doug McKenty talks wholistic health and tantra with sex and wellness coach Sureya Leonara. Though many raised in Western cultures have been conditioned to believe in a materialistic world devoid of energetic influences within biological systems, all other cultures throughout the history of the world explored internal systems of energy and believed their balance was fundamental to healthy living. Shamanistic systems including ancient Daoism and Hinduism all incorporate theories regarding the function and design of this energy system and provide a variety of ways to influence it in order to provide physical and emotional health. In this interview, Sureya describes how tantra can be used as a powerful method for balancing energies while providing a path towards overall health and wellness. This modality can be especially helpful for the many traumatized through shame and guilt surrounding sex by patriarchal authorities. Find out more about Sureya Leonara at