The Shift Episode 84: Natural Medicine with Amandha Vollmer

Enjoy this 84th episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses alternative healing with naturopathic doctor Amandha Vollmer. This discussion provides a big picture analysis of the “cult” of allopathic medicine and offers an alternative paradigm for health and healing. Find out more about the work of Amandha Vollmer at

The Shift Episode 83: United Intentions with Tim Ray

Enjoy this 83rd episode of The Shift with Doug McKenty featuring the host of “Frequency Wars” and Executive Producer of the UI Media Network Tim Ray. Tim has been fighting the good fight since 2009 with the incorporation of the non-profit United Intentions Foundation dedicated to disseminating news and information from outside the government/corporate narrative. His podcast “Frequency Wars” has provided a platform for hundreds of scientists and experts with an independent perspective a censorship-free environment to express views beyond the left/right paradigm with the admirable goal of uniting his audience against the totalitarian impulses of the corporate system. The UI Media Network is an excellent source of independent media for consumers and also provides a distribution network for content creators. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 82: Viral Visualizations with Dr. Julianne Romanello

In this episode, Doug interviews Dr. Julianne Romanello regarding a paper published by MIT entitled “Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online”. This study followed anti-lockdown activists on social media and discovered groups of highly scientifically literate individuals utilizing cutting-edge data collation practices to argue that lockdowns don’t work. With no evidence, the paper concludes these groups must be racists who have weaponized critical thinking in order to radicalize others into “heterodox” beliefs, rather than simply admitting they make a good argument and advocating for public debate over this important issue. Find out more about Dr. Romanello and her work at Find the MIT paper here:

The Shift Episode 81: Wholistic Health and Tantra with Sureya Leonara

In this episode, Doug McKenty talks wholistic health and tantra with sex and wellness coach Sureya Leonara. Though many raised in Western cultures have been conditioned to believe in a materialistic world devoid of energetic influences within biological systems, all other cultures throughout the history of the world explored internal systems of energy and believed their balance was fundamental to healthy living. Shamanistic systems including ancient Daoism and Hinduism all incorporate theories regarding the function and design of this energy system and provide a variety of ways to influence it in order to provide physical and emotional health. In this interview, Sureya describes how tantra can be used as a powerful method for balancing energies while providing a path towards overall health and wellness. This modality can be especially helpful for the many traumatized through shame and guilt surrounding sex by patriarchal authorities. Find out more about Sureya Leonara at