The Shift Episode 80: The Demolition of the American Empire with Charlie Robinson

Enjoy this episode as host Doug McKenty has author and podcaster Charlie Robinson back on the program to discuss his latest book, The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, co-written with Jeff Berwick. This conversation explores how the American state has been targeted by corporate internationalists in order to replace US world hegemony with centralized global control of populations through the auspices of the United Nations. It covers a wide range of issues including media, education, and monetary policy. This controlled collapse will lead to the inevitable decline of the United States as a world power for the benefit of the billionaire class seeking to colonize the planet under a central control grid requiring dependence on the transnational corporate system for the necessities of life. Find out more about Charlie, get the books, and subscribe to his podcast at

The Shift Episode 79: The Cult of Communitarianism with Niki Raapana

Welcome to the 79th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the topic of Communitarianism with author Niki Raapana. This conversation reveals the little known concept central to many of the political and economic changes now taking place all around the world as governments and organizations respond to the Covid-19 pandemic by implementing policies and procedures utilizing Communitarianism as a foundational principle. From the Great Reset to Agenda 21 to Impact Investing and Stakeholder Capitalism, and embedded in the very concept of Technocracy itself, Communitarianism is the glue that hold all these seemingly dispirit policy platforms together. Once understood, this umbrella concept reveals the philosophy behind Global Corporatism and its drive to circumvent individual rights and impose a new order on humanity. You can find out more about Niki Raapana on her Facebook page, go to for past articles or check out to find a copy of The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto.

The Shift Episode 78: Self Sabotage and Health with Ted Hanik

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the concept of optimal health with self-sabotage coach Ted Hanik. This conversation takes a personal tone as Ted describes his transition from a successful animator for The Simpsons to getting out of the rat race and recognizing his full potential by taking personal responsibility for his own health, wealth, and happiness. In this follow-up to the interview with Jason Christoff, Ted and Doug discuss the power of subconscious conditioning and how dedication to optimal health starts with taking personal responsibility for all influences and reprogramming the subconscious to align with personal goals. Find out more about Ted and his work at

The Shift Episode 77: The Octopus of Global Control with Charlie Robinson

Enjoy this 77th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses all things conspiracy with Charlie Robinson, host of the Macroaggressions podcast and author of The Octopus of Global Control. The book describes how the upper classes function much like an octopus as deadly predators with the capability to camouflage their actions so as to make them almost unnoticeable. He extends the metaphor to include the eight tentacles of control which include military, covert, physical, financial, media, spiritual and scientific means. This book is a must-read for those just beginning to question the mainstream narrative but also dives into the details of dozens of past events with a depth that even the most intrepid of researchers will appreciate. Find out more about Charlie’s work at

The Shift Episode 76: Chaos Magic with Gordon White

In this episode host, Doug McKentty discusses Chaos magic with author, blogger, and host of the Rune Soup podcast Gordon White. While many of those colonized into the patriarchal system prevalent in the modern-day have difficulty believing in the existence of a multi-dimensional world populated with spirit beings that actively impact this 3D reality, every indigenous culture throughout the history of the world includes a belief in such forces existing behind the Veil. Gordon White has dedicated his life to understanding and participating in systems of magic designed to interact with “the other side” in order to provide divination and to martial the forces found therein to produce positive life changes including abundance, career opportunities as well as relationship advice. Though he is partial to the European-based lineage of Chaos magic, his podcast explores mystical and magical traditions from around the world. Stay tuned for this conversation which delves into the heart of what it means to be colonized, and describes the fundamental differences in epistemology between magical and mystical thinking as compared to the empiricism that dominates the mainstream scientific cosmogenesis. Find out more about Gordon White at

The Shift Episode 75: The Healing Power of the Subconscious Mind with Jason Christoff

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the power of the subconscious mind with self-sabotage coach Jason Christoff. They discuss how often the subconscious mind is used by the corporate/government narrative as a tool for control. Through marketing, television programming, and indoctrination, many are left susceptible to conditioned beliefs about health, abundance, and politics that are not the product of personal critical thinking, but as a result of subconscious cues designed to manipulate thoughts and habits. In this interview, Jason describes how we as humans can take back our subconscious mind through the persistent, repetitive retraining of destructive thought patterns in order to take back our lives from those who would manipulate us for social control and personal gain. By transmuting these negative conditionings into positive, healthy thought processes, we can retake our lives from the colonizing machine and gain personal sovereignty, abundance, health, and vitality. Find out more about the work of Jason Christoff at

The Shift Episode 74: Sophistry and Technocracy with Dr. Julianne Romanello

Enjoy this 74th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the rollout of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Doctor of Philosophy Julianne Romanello. Dr. Romanello was teaching at the University of Tulsa when the administration announced big changes to the curriculum. The university was going to start promoting science and math at the expense of the classical liberal arts curriculum that prioritized a well-rounded education. Upon further inspection, Dr. Romanello discovered these changes were influenced by a web of public/private partnerships now exposed as the economic program known as the Great Reset. Enjoy this conversation that not only reveals how university education has been dramatically influenced by this plan but uses the philosophical writings of Eric Voglin to provide context for the philosophical shift away from education and towards indoctrination. If you want to dive deeper, you can find Voglin’s “On Classical Studies” here:, and Dr. Romanello’s essay concerning the work here: Find out more about Dr. Julianne Romanello at

The Shift Episode 73: The Guardian Alliance with Alexandria Russell

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and Alexandria Russell of The Guardian Alliance. As we decolonize and separate from the corporate/government narratives of materialistic reductionism, it is often difficult to discover alternative belief systems to replace the worldview of empire. Often, those making the shift can become overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and depression as they no longer trust the paradigm of their birth. Though alternatives are out there, it can take years to find teachers and pick from the many traditional and indigenous belief systems that may work for you, then blend those systems into an integrated, holistic perspective about the world that resonates and empowers. Add to that the modern concepts of quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and unified field theory and you may never find your way back to a worldview that is consistent and fully functional. For those seeking to understand the many layers of this esoteric worldview that provides a path to healing and personal strength, the Guardian Alliance is the place to go. The introductory process is very affordable and worth checking out for newcomers as well as those who have experience with esoteric traditions. Check out this conversation for an in-depth discussion of how the system works and what you can expect to get out of it, and go to for more information and to sign up to learn the fundamentals of the wholistic integrated worldview that provides an alternative perspective to the dominant paradigm.

The Shift Episode 72: The History of Freedom with Clyde Cleveland

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the history of the American Revolution with author and activist Clyde Cleveland. Using the writings of political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville as a foundation, Clyde and Doug discuss the fundamentally cooperative nature of American society from before the Revolution to the publishing of de Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America, in 1835. The conversation focuses on the little-known history of The Assembly system, formed in the early 1770’s, based on a completely decentralized power structure that prioritized the power of the township over any state or federal organization. Clyde goes on to describe how the creation of a standing army led to the Articles of Confederation and ultimately a Constitution that allowed power to centralize in the hands of a few. The conversation also includes a historical interpretation that recognizes how the atrocities of slavery and Native American genocide were perpetrated as a result of the centralization efforts that ultimately lead to a powerful standing army and the primacy of the corporate system over the cooperative spirit described by de Tocqueville as the primary characteristic of American culture in the early days of the Republic. Find out more about Clyde and his work at

The Shift Episode 71: Voluntaryism and the State with Etienne de la Boetie2

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty speaks all things Voluntaryism with Etienne de la Boetie2, author of Government: The Greatest Scam in History Exposed. Stay tuned for this discussion which describes a political philosophy based on freedom of choice and the Non-Aggression Principle. Rather than viewing political evolution through the lens of the left/right paradigm, which posits predetermined historical revolutions occurring as a result of materialist dialectics, Etienne instead describes the monopoly of violence attributed to the state as simply a criminal enterprise engaging in a mafia-like protection racket. In reality, a handful of elites at the top of the corporate pyramid use government as a front organization designed to protect and perpetuate a criminal cartel that has now been responsible for the colonization of much of the planet. This multi-generational organized crime syndicate uses the idea of government to convince the mass of the population that aggression is legitimate, as long as it is backed by the authority of the state. Ultimately, many are brainwashed into a cult-like subservience wherein the working classes will literally build their own prisons while accepting theft through taxation, wars for cheap resources, and laws targeting non-violent behaviors that compete with the cartel. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 70: Dreamspell and Ascension with Sacha Stone

In this episode, host Doug McKenty goes deep with movement influencer and activist Sacha Stone. Sacha has been working for decades to spread truth and awaken humanity through a variety of projects designed to provide a platform for all those seeking a sustainable living and natural justice independent of the corporate/government systems of control. His unique ability to access those in positions of power at the United Nations and other world leaders interested in making the shift away from the colonizing forces of empire and into autonomous and individual sovereignty affords him the ability to organize the freedom movement from a global perspective. Stay tuned for this conversation showcasing Sacha’s powerful worldview which explains the spiritual foundations of both the cult-like power of those who weave the Dreamspell, as well as the consciousness of the coming Ascension. Check out the Humanitad Foundation, the International Commission for Natural Justice, or go to for updates about the forthcoming Lazarus Initiative for more information.

The Shift Episode 69: The Bullyocracy with Donald Jeffries

Stay tuned for this informative episode as host Doug McKenty explores the idea of Bullyocracy with author Donald Jeffries. This much-needed conversation dives into the notion that a toxic emotional environment ubiquitous throughout the education system, may well be characteristic of an almost subconscious social hierarchy that begins early on in the educational process and goes on to define a subtle, yet powerful, culture-wide psychological system that favors the strong over the weak. In his book, Bullyocracy, Jeffries describes how popular kids in school are often allowed to torment and bully “outsiders” with impunity, while authority figures often allow such behavior, even blaming the victim when the bullying escalates into serious violence. He goes on to depict how these bullies go onto success in life, while their victims often suffer from years, even decades of PTSD. Could this subtle social hierarchy, cultivated throughout the educational experience of many, be the foundation of a society that often allows the 1% to get away with all manner of abuse against the lower classes? Have many of us been socialized from an early age to accept that the “survival of the richest” at any cost, is an acceptable form of social organization? Find out as Doug and Donald take a deep dive into the foundations of this Bullyocracy and how it defines our social and political relationships well after high school. Discover more about Donald’s work at

The Shift Exclusive: Maxime Bernier and The People’s Party of Canada

The United States has seen almost no pushback against Covid lockdowns and the subsequent economic devastation occurring as a result. This podcast has explored the Constitutional Sheriff option in an effort to inform listeners of alternative political action that may help mitigate some of the damage caused. Other countries have seen broader efforts to combat lockdown policies, including organizing protests. Enjoy this exclusive interview as host Doug McKenty is joined by George Roche of The Line Canada to discuss the growing political movement in Canada attempting to bring anti-lockdown sentiment into mainstream political dialogue. Maxime Bernier is the founder of The People’s Party of Canada who has recently organized the “End The Lockdown Caucus” with other political leaders hoping to build a political movement that can represent those who question the utility of lockdown policies and advocate personal freedom of choice when making healthcare decisions. Find out more about the People’s Party of Canada and sign the petition at

The Shift Episode 68: Technocracy and the Left-Right Paradigm with Patrick Wood

In this episode, host Doug McKenty is joined by legendary researcher and historian Patrick Wood. Patrick was one of the first to understand how the Technocratic movement was primed to take over the world. For nearly two decades, he has been studying and chronicling the movements of the power elite as they have steered the ship of civilization toward the ultimate goal of scientific dictatorship. Listen as Doug and Patrick trace the history of this movement, through the works of Antony Sutton, to discover its roots in the idea of scientific socialism. They break down the left/right paradigm with the understanding that the lineage of Monopoly Capitalists that fund Technocracy today, also funded the Communist Revolutions of China, Russia, and the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Whether we chose the left or the right, the Technocrats always win. Find out more about the work of Patrick Wood at Also, consider taking a look at his effort to protect freedom of speech at

The Shift Episode 67: Monetary Theory and Cryptocurrency with Jason Bosch

There has been a debate raging online between those who feel blockchain technology a tool for technocracy, and those who believe it will liberate us from central bank control. Though many independent journalists see through the false mechanisms of the left/right paradigm, we all bring our own biases to the table. Those who lean “left” distrust cryptocurrency markets as yet another example of tulip mania and crypto markets as a baseless den of speculation that makes money out of nothing. Their concern is a future where those who control the crypto will control the world. While everyone agrees that centralized, permission-based blockchains such as Central Bank Digital Currencies are a tool for corporate control, the free marketers among us believe that a free cryptocurrency market, with competing currencies, provides a path to liberation by democratizing and decentralizing the currency creation process.

I would like to include an apology to Allison McDowell and Derek Broze for framing the debate in terms of a conflict between their respective philosophies. All of us involved in independent media and research are working towards the same goal and it was inappropriate of me to single out any researcher as in conflict with another.

Enjoy this conversation with Jason Bosch, host of the “If We Were Honest” podcast, as he discusses why he distrusts the cryptocurrency option with more libertarian-minded host Doug McKenty. This conversation really gets to the heart of the economic theory that defines the left/right paradigm but finds a lot of common ground in the fight against the corporate cartel. Find Jason’s podcast and other videos on the Argusfest channel on YouTube.

The Shift Episode 66: #WildCatStrikeUSA2021 with Teodrose Fikremariam

Please pay attention to this special episode featuring the editor and principal writer at The Ghion Journal, Teodrose Fikremariam. Teodrose has been writing for years, describing a political landscape rife with miscommunication and replete with disinformation designed to sow the seeds of division. After the events at the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021, he has had enough. The storming of the Capitol has been called a coup attempt and an insurrection by many in the mainstream and the echo chambers of social media continue to polarize American political discourse to the point of what some describe as a cold civil war. This political division comes at the heels of a summer of violence across the country as the Black Lives Matter movement hit the streets to protest racial disparities and the disproportionate use of police violence against people of color. Political and racial tensions are at an all-time high. All of this in the midst of an economic lockdown that has many American families stressed to the breaking point. Teodrose understands that such division is not the way to a peaceful and prosperous nation. Clearly, divide and conquer techniques have been used by elites for millennia to solidify power and the profound increase in wealth and power for those at the top of the pyramid over the past year should make us all wonder if we are not getting played. In order to encourage a spirit of unity, Teodrose has called for a workers strike on inauguration day, January 20th, and is asking truckers across the nation to park their rigs on highway choke points across the nation to tell our leaders that enough is enough. Word is rapidly spreading through #WildCatStrikeUSA2021. Please listen in as we discuss the issues that brought us to this place, and provide the solutions through solidarity. This is just the beginning. Find out more about Teodrose and his work at

The Shift Episode 65: The Thick Red Line with Howard Lichtman

Enjoy this episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses the idea of The Thick Red Line with organizer Howard Lichtman. While the Thine Blue Line is commonly understood to be that fine line between the police and criminals that threaten the fabric of the communities they are entrusted to protect, the Thick Red Line represents the boundary between police and law-abiding, non-violent citizens that are all too often harassed, fined and even jailed for crimes that are not crimes. Though there is often the political will to create laws that punish non-violent actors, the drug war and consensual “sex crimes” being just a few examples, the police are the final arbiters of the laws enforcement, and the ones who ultimately decide to use violence in their implementation. The Thick Red Line is an organization that educates police and helps them organize to stand up to the political forces that ask them to cross the line between protecting the public, and harassing the innocent. Stay tuned as this conversation reveals the difference between a just and an unjust law, and asks communities and police departments alike to work together to ensure that police remain the good guys even when asked to participate in actions that violate others. Join the movement and find out more at

The Shift Episode 64: The Ph Miracle with Dr. Robert Young

Welcome to this 64th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the Ph Miracle with naturopathic doctor Robert Young. Dr. Young has developed a diagnostic and treatment protocol utilizing live blood microscopy and body Ph that appears to have amazing effects on patients whether they suffer from serious illness or are just looking to alleviate mild symptoms and wish to pursue a pain-free, long-lasting lifestyle. His theory relies on the idea that the body works best in an alkaline environment and he posits that nearly all diseases prevalent in Western societies, and across the world, can be traced back to a diet and lifestyle that promotes a highly acidic internal environment. According to patient testimonials, Dr. Young’s treatment protocols have been used to heal many with even the most advanced cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions at a fraction of the cost of typical allopathic treatments. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 63: Free Speech, Assange and the Storming of the Capitol with Steve Poikonen

Enjoy this 63rd episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses the state of these turbulent times with Steve Poikonen of Slow News Day. Steve was in Washington DC the week of January 3rd initially to cover Judge Baraitser’s final decision concerning the extradition case of Julian Assange. Unbeknownst to him, that Wednesday would become one of the most controversial in American history as Trump supporters from all over the country amassed to rally in support of the President. The rally, of course, resulted in the storming of the Capitol Building which caused many Congresspeople to flee for safety and disrupted the planned certification of electoral college votes. Choosing to stay an extra day to cover the event, Steve found himself an eyewitness to these unprecedented events. Stay tuned for this exciting conversation that covers the gamut of the current political crisis from the perspective of this independent journalist, free Assange activist, and eyewitness to last week’s mayhem in Washington DC.

Find out more about the work of Steve Poikonen, including the weekly Free Assange Vigil, on the web at, on YouTube at Slow News Day, and on Twitter @SlowNewsDayShow.

The Shift Episode 62: The Great Reset with Alison McDowell

Stay tuned for this conversation between host Doug McKenty and activist Alison McDowell, whose blog Wrench in the Gears, dives deep into the inner workings of the World Economic Forum and the many corporations behind the worldwide movements known as The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Her impeccable research skills and unfailing dedication to follow the money trail has resulted in the exposure of a plan by the billionaire class to create not only an Internet of Things, but an Internet of Bodies. Through the use of cutting edge nano and blockchain technology, the Great Reset includes plans to collect the health and biometric data of each individual to be securitized, monetized and traded on a commodities exchange. The “new normal” will contain a realty whereby the rich can make bets on the poor and profit off the success or failures of the many who will be left destitute by economic lockdowns ostensibly intended to slow the spread of Covid. While much of this sounds too crazy to be true, Alison provides the primary sources and makes the connections that once seen, cannot be unseen. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 61: What it Takes with Foster Gamble

Welcome to the 61st episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty is pleased to introduce guest Foster Gamble to the show. Foster is the executive producer and principal narrator of the Thrive Documentary series, the first of which ranks as one of the most-watched documentaries in world history. The much-anticipated release of Thrive II: This is What it Takes continues the story of Foster and his wife Kimberly as they travel the world in search of a philosophy that exposes corruption while cultivating social and economic systems within which humans can thrive in a sustainable environment, existing in harmony with the natural world. What they discovered on their journey is that these ideas already exist. Using ancient wisdom and modern science, the Thrive documentaries explore the possibilities that lie beyond the materialistic world view currently propagated by corporations and governments around the world. Based on the idea of a unified field of consciousness, this docuseries explores how a wholistic, energy-based belief system can be utilized to improve the human condition which would result in a thriving world for all. To watch the documentaries, and subscribe to help make the transition, go to