The Shift Episode 103: The Contract for California with Reinette Senum

Welcome to this 103rd episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the Contract for California with California gubernatorial candidate Reinette Senum. The conversation dives deep into this policy platform created outside the left/right paradigm that seeks to unite Californians under a vision for the state that incorporates political solutions not discussed within the current allowable Overton Window. Reinette seeks to empower local communities to tackle big problems while reorganizing the state apparatus to invest in California, not Wall Street. Her history as a community organizer and tireless sustainability advocate speaks for itself. Read the Contract for California and donate to the campaign at

The Shift Episode 102: Art and Liberation with Captain Wardrobe

Welcome to the 102nd episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the state of the world with long-time artist, activist, and independent journalist Captain Wardrobe. While perhaps lesser known than some, Captain Wardrobe is active behind the scenes as a mentor and friend to many content creators and could be described as a wizard behind the curtain of independent media. His own work provides a refreshing blend of music, poetry, and exposition that together provides a holistic version of reality in contrast to the corporate/government narrative. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 101: On Borrowed Fame with Donald Jefferies

Enjoy this episode of The Shift featuring author Donald Jefferies and a discussion of his new book, On Borrowed Fame. This conversation dives deep into the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry and the many inconsistencies and anomalies rife within the business that theoretically produces fortune and fame for those involved. Discover shocking truths about wealth inequality, drug addiction, murder, and suicide ubiquitous within the business that provides art and entertainment to the masses. Find out more about the work of Donald Jefferies at