The Shift Episode 120: Genderqueer Left-Populism with Nicky Reid

This episode features a conversation with openly genderqueer activist and blogger Nicky Reid. Her particular blend of left-populism provides a unique perspective that crosses the left/right divide and seeks to unify all political groups under the rubric of decentralization of power. The discussion includes a nuanced critique of identity politics that respects its goal of creating a more tolerant society, while criticizing its use of moral authority and its lack of real authenticity. Nicky’s work exposes the mechanization of a political empire that oppresses equally, no matter one’s sexual identity or skin color, while at the same time advocating for a free and tolerant society that respects all lifestyle choices. Find her essays at

The Shift Episode 119: The Liberty Solution with Derek Wills

This episode features a conversation with Derek Wills, author of “The Liberty Solution”. His book describes the many problems caused by state power, then provides solutions to those issues from a perspective that prioritizes individual freedom of choice. Derek utilizes a rigorous application of the concept of natural law to build a logically consistent foundation for this libertarian political philosophy. In the process, he posits a viable alternative to the prevailing dialectical model that dominates political systems in the modern age. You can find “The Liberty Solution” on Amazon.

The Shift Episode 118: Conspiracy and Democracy with Iain Davis

This episode features a conversation with author, blogger, and journalist Iain Davis. His book, “A Dangerous Ideology” describes how many mainstream academics and psychologists attack “conspiracy theorists” as anti-social paranoids while refusing to accept how a rational person could, in fact, question mainstream narratives. The discussion also includes a detailed look at Iain’s essay “Democracy is Dead, Long Live Democracy”. It seeks a solution to today’s corrupted political systems through a return to the direct democratic concepts used in ancient Athens. Find the essay and all the work of Iain Davis at

The Shift Episode 117: Graphene Oxide and Transhumanism with Captain Wardrobe

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the controversial substance, graphene oxide, with returning guest Captain Wardrobe. This conversation utilizes Wardrobe’s July 2021 article, “Graphene… and the Coming Robotnik Brain”, to take a deep dive into a decades-long endeavor by military technologists to develop an electronic system on a nanoscale that can be used to both collect and transmit information to organisms jacked into the network. Now called the Internet of BioNano Things, this network utilizes graphene oxide as the principal conductor, which allows it to grow and function inside biological systems. Discover more about the work of Captain Wardrobe at

Find the relevant article at this link:

My interview with Dr. Robert Young concerning graphene oxide as an adjuvant can be found here:

The Shift Episode 116: Dialogue and Democracy with Joe Atwill

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the long history of cultural and social manipulations in favor of upper-class interests with author and activist Joe Atwill. Joe’s first book, “Caesar’s Messiah”, details the possibility that much of modern Christianity actually began as a form of Roman propaganda designed to neutralize Jewish messianic revolutionary movements. His later work describes how this penchant for social control has evolved into the modern-day through psychological operations influencing such major cultural events as the “archaic revival” of the 1960’s. This conversation includes an overview of this long lineage of social control, applies it to current events, then posits critical thinking and Socratic dialogue as the path toward liberation. Find out more about the work of Joe Atwill at Read “Manufacturing the Deadhead” at

Find Joe’s previous interview on The Shift here:

The Shift Episode 115: Libertarian Voluntaryism with Jack Lloyd

This episode features a conversation with Jack Lloyd, the author of “A Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism”. Though the concept of a world without governments seems unattainable to most, and impractical to many, Jack describes a theory of society based on non-aggression that is not only possible, but may provide a vision of the future where humankind learns to live in accordance with the concept of empathic reciprocity. This system follows a two fold path based on consent ethics combined with a property rights theory that allows individuals to protect the fruits of their labor. Not only does this discussion outline the fundamental principles of the concept, but it also addresses many common criticisms. Get a copy of the book and find out more about Jack’s work, by going to

The Shift Episode 114: Historical Evaluations with Jeni Kirby

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses historical paradigms and research methodologies with blogger and historian Jeni Kirby. In this era of disinformation and outright misinformation it is more important than ever to develop the skills to parse through the madness in order to uncover the truth. This conversation outlines the fundamental processes of historical research that can help you to do just that. By having the discipline and critical thinking skills to double check sources, search for viable primary source material, and place accurate information within the proper historical context, it is possible to discern real facts from propaganda and fake news. You might be surprised to find that your favorite news venue does not stand up to the test! Find out more about the work of Jeni Kirby at

The Shift Episode 113: Presstitutes with Andrew Schlademan

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the book “Presstitutes” by Udo Ulffkote with translator Andrew Schlademan. Ulfkotte, now deceased, was a long-time journalist for a very prominent German newspaper. “Presstitutes” reveals a system of well-funded think tanks, foundations, and three-letter agencies that influence journalists into supporting a certain perspective. For the many who believe not all journalists can be involved in a conspiracy to propagandize the public, this interview will expose the soft corruption that is endemic to mainstream journalism. Find more of the translations of Andrew Schlademan on Amazon.

The Shift Episode 112: Targeted Individuals with Viorel Serb

This episode of The Shift takes a deep dive into the life of targeted individual Viorel Serb. After years of enduring constant psychological abuse coming from seemingly unrelated sources, Viorel eventually discovered a pattern that led him down the deep rabbit hole of what has come to be known as the targeted individual phenomenon. Along with the realization that there were many others experiencing the same bizarre behavior, his research revealed a larger plot to harass certain individuals with gangstalking, gaslighting, and even advanced technologies designed to break down individual psychology by making the target appear to be going crazy. Find out more about the experiences of Viorel Serb by checking out his book, “The Battle for Your Mind“, on Amazon, or searching for Gangstalking Aattention Awareness on FaceBook or YouTube.

The Shift Episode 111: Sovereign Communication with Mary Lin

Enjoy this episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the concept of Sovereign Communication with Mary Lin. This communication technique combines the best of logical discipline and emotional intelligence to produce a dialogue that discovers truth while healing psychological wounds. These skills are more important than ever before in a world where propaganda and political ideology have confused the vast majority into rationally unjustifiable perspectives that remain unchanged despite mountains of verifiable evidence. Not only will this interview help explain why so many fall victim to this hypnosis, but it also provides the tools necessary to overcome the type of cognitive dissonance now commonplace throughout society today. Mary has also been involved with a talent exchange network challenging the dollar-dominated economy. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 110: The Housing Bubble with Jimmy Morrison

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the root causes of the housing bubble that precipitated the economic crisis of 2008 with documentary film director Jimmy Morrison. This conversation is perfect for those curious about how the Federal Reserve works and its impact on the daily lives of average citizens. Jimmy’s documentary, “The Housing Bubble Movie” provides an easy-to-understand history of fractional reserve banking in the United States and its impact on our daily lives. It then describes how inherent issues within the system created the perfect storm for a large real estate bubble in the early 20th century. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 109: The Power of Propaganda with Dr. Mark Crispin Miller

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the overwhelming evidence that Americans are inundated with powerful corporate propaganda with New York University professor Dr. Mark Crispin Miller. Dr. Miller began a decades-long journey after writing Fooled Again in 2004. This scathing expose of election fraud was met with disinterest and even accusations of “conspiracy theory” raising a red flag that something was seriously wrong with the contemporary media landscape. These experiences led him down the rabbit hole of uncovering mass disinformation campaigns on a variety of issues designed to mold the American mind in ways favorable to wealthy corporate owners, not the general body politic. The once-prominent figure of the academic left now finds himself at the forefront of the battle for academic freedom. Find out more about the work of Dr. Mark Crispin Miller by searching for the News From Underground blog on Substack, or going to

The Shift Episode 108: Liberty and Secession with Elliot Axelman

In this episode, host Doug McKenty talks about the future of the libertarian movement with New Hampshire activist Elliot “Alu” Axelman. In his work with the Free State movement, Elliot has come to the conclusion that secession is the only way forward for liberty-minded individuals seeking political change. Stay tuned for this conversation which details how and why he came to this radical conclusion. You might be surprised to learn that there is a bill coming to a vote in the New Hampshire congress advocating for separation from the Union, and an active contingent of activists working towards making this transition to independence. Find out more about the work of Elliot Axelman at

The Shift Episode 107: The History of Progressivism with Duane Hayes

Welcome to this 107th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the history of Progressivism with blogger and documentary filmmaker Duane Hayes. Though many believe the progressive movement to be grassroots, fighting the forces of Capitalist oppression in favor of the needs of the common person, this conversation exposes a history replete with influence by the very forces it claims to refute. You will be surprised to discover that early “scientific socialists” were intimately connected to a very wealthy elite promoting a continuance of the Anglo-American Empire, eugenics, technocracy, behaviorist education, and even the use of propaganda to manipulate the masses into accepting these forms of social engineering. Find out more about Duane’s work at The History of Propaganda on YouTube or go to

The Shift Episode 106: Terrain the Film with Marcy Cravat

Welcome to this 106th episode of The Shift featuring documentary filmmaker Marcy Cravat. Her new film, Terrain, features the controversial Dr. Andrew Kaufman who, for the past two years, has become well known for his advocacy of the terrain theory of disease and opposition to the long-established belief that viruses and other germs are responsible for contagion. The film presents Kaufman’s argument in a concise two-part cinematic journey that will make the most ardent germ theorist question this most foundational assumption upon which much of the allopathic system of medicine resides. Find out more about the film at

The Shift Episode 105: Decentralizing Education with Lynn Strawn Davenport

Enjoy this conversation with education activist and host of the social impact podcast Lynn Strawn-Davenport. Lynn got her start going to local school board meetings questioning the efficacy of focusing educational priorities on standardized testing. Little did she know the fight was just getting started. In the age of Covid and the addition of social-emotional learning to the educational milieu, Lynn now finds herself in the midst of a battle to save the integrity of the family unit itself. She is now combating forces of social engineering threatening to nudge children into a technocratic future through a control apparatus designed to influence all of us from cradle to grave. Find out more @lynnsdavenport on Twitter.

The Shift Episode 104: On Russia with Riley Waggaman

In this 104th episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty has a nuanced conversation with American-born, Moscow-based journalist Riley Waggaman. As tensions with Russia are once again amping up over the situation in Ukraine, this interview provides a balanced interpretation that includes information you will not hear from corporate/government sources. Stay tuned for this discussion about Putin, the Russian Covid response, and recent history that includes Russian intervention in Syria, the Ukraine, and Crimea. Discover more of Riley Waggaman’s work at

The Shift Episode 103: The Contract for California with Reinette Senum

Welcome to this 103rd episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the Contract for California with California gubernatorial candidate Reinette Senum. The conversation dives deep into this policy platform created outside the left/right paradigm that seeks to unite Californians under a vision for the state that incorporates political solutions not discussed within the current allowable Overton Window. Reinette seeks to empower local communities to tackle big problems while reorganizing the state apparatus to invest in California, not Wall Street. Her history as a community organizer and tireless sustainability advocate speaks for itself. Read the Contract for California and donate to the campaign at

The Shift Episode 102: Art and Liberation with Captain Wardrobe

Welcome to the 102nd episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the state of the world with long-time artist, activist, and independent journalist Captain Wardrobe. While perhaps lesser known than some, Captain Wardrobe is active behind the scenes as a mentor and friend to many content creators and could be described as a wizard behind the curtain of independent media. His own work provides a refreshing blend of music, poetry, and exposition that together provides a holistic version of reality in contrast to the corporate/government narrative. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 101: On Borrowed Fame with Donald Jefferies

Enjoy this episode of The Shift featuring author Donald Jefferies and a discussion of his new book, On Borrowed Fame. This conversation dives deep into the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry and the many inconsistencies and anomalies rife within the business that theoretically produces fortune and fame for those involved. Discover shocking truths about wealth inequality, drug addiction, murder, and suicide ubiquitous within the business that provides art and entertainment to the masses. Find out more about the work of Donald Jefferies at