Here are other podcasts that have interviewed me!

Doug McKenty on Schitt Shooting

Enjoy this conversation between Doug McKenty and host Joshua Lee on the podcast Shit Shooting 101 as they discuss a myriad of issues affecting the world today. These include the psychological interpretations of current events expressed in the Psychology of Lockdown Series as well as the need to find unity beyond the left/right paradigm. Find out more at

Doug McKenty on MacroAggressions

Enjoy this conversation between Charlie Robinson of the Macroaggressions podcast and The Shift host Doug McKenty as they go deep into a big picture behind world events never seen on the mainstream. Find out more about Charlie’s work at

Doug McKenty on Zoom Chron

Check out this episode of Zoom Chron where host Travis Mateer discusses the conflict between researcher Alison McDowell and activist Derrick Broze with blogger and podcaster Doug McKenty. You can find out more about Zoom Chron at

Doug with Alison Morrow

A great interview giving an overview of current events as well as a general idea of what The Shift is about!

Doug on Slow News Day

Here is a roundtable discussion with Steve, Glory, Teodrose and Jabari discussing #WildcatStrikeUSA2021. Check out this great conversation that delves into the need for racial and political unity during this time of division. You can find my recent conversation with Teodrose concerning this idea here:

Doug on Deborah Gets Red Pilled

Check out my first appearance on another podcast! Deborah Gets Red Pilled features host Adam Alamano as he initiates his mother-in-law Deborah into the world of conspiracy theory. It was fun to get a chance to appear on another show and I really appreciated Deborah’s open mind as she encounters news and information never covered through the Mainstream Media. We discuss the fiat currency system, the left/right paradigm, the current Covid crisis, and much more. Hope you enjoy this conversation that covers a lot of the basics of the evidence that very wealthy individuals really do collude to control the lives of the many…