The Shift Episode 1: State of Corruption with Robert David Steele

Host Doug McKenty talks about the new movement #UNRIG with codeveloper Robert David Steele. Robert has been working closely with ex-Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney to educate the public and our representatives about corruption in the system and its solution; the Election Reform Act of 2017. Listen in to learn about this new populist movement to combine the left and the right against political and corporate corruption. Donate to the cause here:… 

The Shift Episode 2: TigerSwan at Standing Rock with Will Parrish

Host Doug McKenty discusses the state of independent media and the growing police state with investigative journalist Will Parrish, co-author of the TigerSwan Tactics series for The Intercept. The conversation goes in depth about the military security contractor hired to fight water protectors at Standing Rock. Help the water protectors here:

The Shift Episode 3: Conspiracy Facts with James Corbett

Join host Doug McKenty as he speaks about conspiracy theory and alternative media with Corbett Report producer James Corbett. They dive deep into the nature of journalism in the age of the internet, and discuss fact versus fiction in the age of open source intelligence.
Find out more at

The Shift Episode 4: Propaganda in Hollywood with Tom Secker

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the influence the government/corporate industrial complex has over many of the most popular Hollywood movies and television programs with Tom Secker, co-author of National Security Cinema. Discover the line between pop culture entertainment and deep state propaganda, or even if there is a line at all… Find out more at

The Shift Episode 5: Crowdsource the Truth with Jason Goodman

In this weeks episode, host Doug McKenty discusses a wide variety of topics from Seth Rich to illegal arm sales with Jason Goodman, producer of Crowdsource the Truth. For more information go to

The Shift Episode 6: Citizen Journalism with Citizen Truth

Join host Doug McKenty as he goes down the rabbit hole with independent citizen journalists Orane Sharpe and Lauren von Bernuth of CitizenTruth. They discuss the deceitful nature of corporate propaganda, waking up to it, and living in a society where so many are still asleep.  Find out more about their work at

The Shift Episode 7: Partnership Economics with Riane Eisler

Join host Doug McKenty as he speaks with legendary cultural anthropologist Riane Eisler about finding a way out of the Dominator model and creating a new paradigm of Partnership economics. This interview gets into the nitty gritty of making “The Shift” as it delves deep into the changes we all need to make if we want to see a way out of a world that appears mired in greed, corruption and perpetual war. Find out more information at,, or

The Shift Episode 8: Vaxxed Producer Del Bigtree

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the controversial movie Vaxxed with producer Del Bigtree. Listen in as the conversation includes the real story behind Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study of the MMR vaccine that started it all, the realization that regulatory agencies have been corrupted at the highest levels, as well as the real reasons behind the mainstream media’s complicity in covering up the actual science behind vaccine safety. Find out more about it at

The Shift Episode 9: Modern Libertarianism with Adam Kokesh

In this weeks Episode, host Doug McKenty compares Riane Eisler’s Caring Economy with libertarian party presidential candidate and anti-war activist Adam Kokesh. The conversation goes deep as they discuss the nature of freedom, political reforms with the biggest impact, and the localization of power. Find out more about Adam at

The Shift Episode 10: The Real History of Jesus with Joe Atwill

Enjoy this fascinating conversation between host Doug McKenty and researcher Joe Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah. Though the focus of the discussion hinges on Joe’s controversial thesis that the life of Jesus was truly nothing more than an elaborate fable told by the court of Titus Flavius, the conversation expands to include a deeper understanding of the mind of the patrician class and its use of propaganda and satire to fool the proletariat to this day. This one of a kind interview is guaranteed to open your eyes and start you on the path toward making The Shift. Find out more about Joe’s work at

The Shift Episode 11: The Black Agenda Report with Danny Haiphong

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses systemic racism in the wake of Charlottesville with Black Agenda Report journalist Danny Haiphong. The conversation ranges from corporate corruption and modern colonialism to the diversion that white nationalism creates to take attention away from the real underlying causes of racial and class based oppression. Once again The Shift closes the gaps within the left/right paradigm and shows the kernel of truth expressed in every point of view. If you want to find out more about Danny Haiphong, check out

The Shift Episode 12: Transending the Left/Right Paradigm with Steele and McKinney #UNRIG

In this episode host Doug McKenty interviews both Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele who together make up team #UNRIG. Uniting both the left and the right against government and corporate corruption, the #UNRIG movement has been dubbed the second American Revolution with the goal of nothing less than taking the power of government back for the people. McKinney and Steele lay out the strategy of creating power cells across America with the purpose of uniting all colors, races and creeds against a government run amok with corporate greed, corruption and military overreach. Find out more information, and where you can go to help, at

The Shift Episode 13: Public Banking with Brown and McRee

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty speaks with Ellen Brown and Walt McRee of The Public Banking Institute about money, debt slavery, the speculative economy and the public banking solution. We live in an economy controlled by central bankers who create money by lending a debt-based fiat currency and charging interest. Find out how that interest finds its way into the speculative economy for the benefit of the very rich, and how a public bank can keep that interest in your community for the benefit of the people on the street! Find out more about public banking at and

The Shift Episode 14: Vaccine Skepticism with Dr. Andrew Wakefield

In this episode, host Doug McKenty speaks with legendary vaccine activist Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the truth behind his crusade to expose the lack of integrity characteristic of corporate vaccine science. Hear his perspective about what really happened with the infamous 1998 study implicating a connection between vaccines and autism and the corporate media backlash that eventually led to its retraction and the loss of Dr. Wakefield’s medical license. Check out for information about a new documentary film exploring his journey, or see to learn more about shoddy science at the CDC.

The Shift Episode 15: Missing Trillions with Cathrine Austin-Fitts

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the seemingly unlimited depth of corruption within the government/financial complex with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report. The conversation includes a discussion of the $21 trillion dollars missing from government coffers, how the money is laundered and speculation as to what it is actually getting spent on. Catherine provides as solid foundation for those who want to understand financial markets and the organized crime model that controls them. For more information, check out

The Shift Episode 16: Community Rights with Paul Cienfuegos

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty speaks with Community Rights guru Paul Cienfuegos about his new organization, Community Rights U.S. Join them as they discuss how the concept of community rights can be used to empower your community and disempower the corporate actors who currently dominate the political landscape. Discover the real history of corporate creep, how corporations used the judicial branch to fabricate the concept of “corporate rights” and learn how you can use community rights to take the power back. Enjoy this episode that focuses on a real, viable solution to corporate control. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 17: Directed Energy Weapons with Jamie Lee

Enjoy this weeks episode when host Doug McKenty discusses the possible use of Directed Energy Weapons systems as the cause of the recent devastating fires in Northern California with prominent blogger and host of aplanetruth YouTube channel, Jamie Lee. Though the thesis is controversial, keep an open mind as Jamie presents evidence based on eyewitness accounts, the incredible temperatures achieved and the unprecedented speed of the fires as they appeared to come out of nowhere to such devastating effect. Find out more about Jamie’s work at and the aplaintruth channel on YouTube.

The Shift Episode 18: The History of Segregation with Richard Rothstein

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the history of segregation with Richard Rothstein, the author of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. In the wake of deteriorating race relations in the United States, Rothstein’s book outlines how and why community segregation occurred, the causes of deterioration in African American American communities and the central role federal policy played in excluding families of color from the post WW two boom that created much of the wealth that sustains many Caucasian families to this day. This rare conversation about race includes a version of history not often discussed, but provides a necessary perspective that can lead to real solutions. Find out more about Richard Rothstein’s work at

The Shift Episode 19: Universal Basic Income with Steve Hummel

In this episode host Doug McKenty discusses Wisdomics with author and Universal Basic Income advocate Steve Hummel. The conversation includes Steve’s unique blending of spiritual and economic concepts that posits a future free from economic scarcity. Imagine a world liberated from the debt slavery built into current monetary policy where each of us could be free to follow faith, hope and love into a future defined, not out of necessity, but as a construct of human wisdom. Find out how granting a Universal Dividend coupled with Discount Pricing could achieve just that! Discover more work from Steve Hummel at

The Shift Episode 20: Pedophilia and Empire with Joachim Hagopian

In this weeks episode host Doug McKenty speaks with journalist Joachim Hagopian, author of Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State. They discuss the rampant, worldwide epidemic of pedophilia and its connections with elite secret societies, intelligence agencies as well as government institutions and multinational defense contractors. Joachim’s book is a one stop shop for those interested in understanding the facts about this issue, its history, its present day manifestation, and its use for mind control as well as a source of power for the Luciferian elite. Find out more about Joachim Hagopian at