The Shift Episode 21: Natural Birth with Jeanice Barselow

In this episode join host Doug McKenty as he discuss the importance of natural birth with Jeanice Barcelo, author of Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine. The conversation goes deep into the misguided and even Lucifarian approach of the medical establishment to usurp the birth process, creating a traumatic experience for father, mother and child that often breaks apart families and scars the baby for life. Jeanice outlines the many ways in which the medically induced birth process, from induction to cord cutting to circumcision, function to disassociate parents from the birth process while preventing very important bonding between mother and child in the hours and days after birth. For more information about Jeanice Barcelo go to

The Shift Episode 22: Satanic Ritual Abuse with Jay Parker

Host Doug McKenty speaks with satanic ritual abuse survivor Jay Parker about his experiences growing up in an Illuminati family. Join them as they go deep down the rabbit hole describing the trauma based mind control used by the elite to enslave the mass of humanity. Jay’s first hand experience helps define a Lucifarian control system that not only creates sex slaves and Manchurian candidates through ritual abuse, but also works behind the scenes acculturate the mass of humanity using birth trauma, enforced education, television programming, and mass media. Find out more about Jay’s work at

The Shift Episode 23: The True Believers in Martial Arts with Louis Martin

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the fine line between healthy self development and cult-like fanaticism in the martial arts with Louis Martin, author of The True Believers. Listen in as they discuss Louis’ time training in Seibukan Jujitsu, which seemed the perfect martial art for the modern day warrior. Over time, however, Louis began to have his doubts. Find out the red flags to look out for when choosing a martial arts style in order to make sure that it serves you, and you don’t end up serving it. Not only do they discuss what to watch out for when choosing a training group, but also the positive qualities to look for as you progress along your martial arts path. This episode is a must for all those participating in or considering training in any martial style. Look for The True Believers by Louis Marin on

The Shift Episode 24: Disassociation and Mind Control with Sandra Fecht

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the reality of mind control and systematic ritual abuse with renowned counselor Sandra Fecht. The conversation ranges from her early experiences with an indigenous Canadian tribe to her personal realization that the far out stories of ritual abuse she was hearing from her clients were actually true. Though many psychologists question the validity of their dissociated patients often bizarre accounts, find out what happens when one counselor is ready to believe, and the paradigm shifting healing process that occurs as a result. Find out more at

The Shift Episode 25: Luciferian Sex and the Attack on Human Love with Jeanice Barcelo

Listen in as host Doug McKenty discusses how Luciferian engineers influence our sexuality in this second episode featuring Jeanice Barcelo. Her DVD presentation, entitled Human Sexuality, Pornography and the attack on Human Love provides the perfect complement to her book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine as Jeanice posits how the elite use both sex and birth to negatively effect our ability to create healthy long term relationships that would form a strong foundation for cultivating a powerful family unit. In this episode, you will discover the direct link between elite foundations and the proliferation of an irresponsible approach to sex that has resulted in a focus on impulsive, materialistic and lust based attitudes about sex at the expense of the real love connection that is required for successful long term relationships that provide a healthy environment for the conception, birth and rearing of children. Find out more about Jeanice Barcelo at

The Shift Episode 26: Occult Science with Micheal Joseph

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the secret philosophy behind Freemasonry and its connections to institutions at the heart of modern civilization with documentation Michael Joseph, producer of the Occult Science series on YouTube. Michael presents primary sources from academia, Freemasonry and Theosophy to paint an accurate picture of the occult religion proselytized by many secret societies. He goes on to show how this religion acts as an ever present force working behind the scenes at think tanks and foundations with direct links to research facilities and political institutions at the cutting edge of the development of modern civilization. You will be surprised to discover the connections between modern science and the spiritual alchemy practiced by a chosen few. Micheal also reveals how the philosophy ultimately seeks to complete the Great Work by melding man and machine by realizing a trans humanist agenda. Find out more about Michael Joseph here:

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The Shift Episode 27: 9/11 and the War on Terror with Christopher Bollyn

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses 9/11, Syria, Russiagate and the power of American propaganda with investigative journalist and author Christopher Bollyn. This interview gets down and dirty starting with Christopher’s immediate reaction to the 9/11 cover up and his subsequent attempts to inform the public about how the mythological construct that predetermined a constant state of war is based on a fraud perpetrated by Deep State actors and a complicit mainstream media. His most recent work, The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East, outlines how 9/11 was a ruse decades in the making and the international war on terror a concept birthed in Israeli think tanks 25 years before American boots hit the ground in Afghanistan. While this interview covers the basics of the 9/11 false flag attack, it also includes a historical context rarely examined but vitally important to the larger truth movement discussion. Find out more about Christopher Bollyn at

The Shift Episode 28: Truth Seeking and Independant Media with Teodrose Fikre

Enjoy this interview with Teodrose Fikre, writer and editor for the Ghion Journal. The conversation focuses on the many ways the independent media represents the only intelligent and objective source to counter the propaganda consistently presented by what Teodrose calls “the Corporate State Media.” Stay tuned for a refreshing conversation about race relations that you will never hear on the MSM as well as an in depth discussion about multiple topics that goes beyond the left/right paradigm. Teodrose speaks with host Doug McKenty about the many tactics the elites use to divide and conquer the people and they discuss ways that truth seekers in independent media can work to unite their audience by offering an alternative paradigm. Find out more about Teodrose Fikre at

The Shift Episode 29: Oklahoma City and Media Manipulation with Chris Emery

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the Oklahoma City bombing, media manipulation and government cover ups with Free Mind Films producer Chris Emery. Perhaps best known for producing the definitive documentary “A Noble Lie” which detailed the many anomalies in the official narrative concerning the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in 1995, Free Mind Films has expanded the scope of alternative research with the follow up films “State of Mind” and “Shadowring” by exposing the media establishment that makes false flags possible and reveals the shadowy cabal behind it all. Stay tuned for this riveting conversation that reveals newly disclosed information proving convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh’s connections to the CIA and FBI, and ties it all together within the larger picture of elite control. Find out more about Free Mind Films at

The Shift Episode 30: Oligarchy and the DNC Lawsuit with Jared Beck Esq.

Host Doug McKenty interviews Jared Beck Esq., author of “What Happened to Bernie Sanders”, the tell all book detailing the depths to which the Democratic Party stooped to fix the primary election in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Senator Bernie Sanders. The book presents evidence showing how the DNC worked behind the scenes to influence media, spread disinformation, and stack the deck while accepting money from, and ceding control to, the Hillary for President campaign. It also discusses the lawsuit Jared and others brought against the DNC alleging fraud against the many Sanders supporters who were promised impartiality during the election process. The evidence includes emails leaked from Democratic Party headquarters exposing the level of corruption as well as the mysterious deaths of two potential witnesses for the case. This conversation goes beyond exposing corruption at the DNC but also reveals the dark underbelly of an American political system that can no longer be described as a Democracy, but as the Oligarchy it has become. Find out more about Jared Beck Esq. at, purchase the book

The Shift Episode 31: Self Ownership and Blockchain Technology with Vin Armani

Stay tuned for a wild ride into the world of blockchain technology as host Doug McKenty interviews actor, podcaster, philosopher and self-proclaimed CryptoSavage Vin Armani. Listen as they discuss Vin’s new book, Self Ownership, and go deep into the roots of the concept of ownership, its relationship with human morality, and the coming shift away from government monopoly on property protection through the emergence of the blockchain. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss, encompassing an interpretation of history, psychology, philosophy and even mythology into a concise assessment of a blockchain powered future. Find out more about Vin Armani at

The Shift Episode 32: Electronic Voting and Election Integrity with Jonathan Simon

In this episode host Doug McKenty discusses the questionable process behind vote counting during elections in the United States with Jonathan Simon, co-founder of the Election Defense Alliance and author of the book Code Red. Listen in as they discuss what Jonathan describes as Americans “wall of denial” about the serious integrity issues surrounding the electronic voting machines used to compile the vote count for many citizens as they cast their ballot each November. While elections in the US have never been squeaky clean, Jonathan describes just how skewed the numbers became after the passage of the Help America Vote Act in 2004. This act proliferated the use of electronic voting, which offers no way to verify the election results but instead demands that we trust the corporations behind the machines. Jonathan presents evidence from a variety of sources that reveal a “red shift” away from pre-election and exit polls that consistently favors Republican candidates over their Democratic opponents. He also mentions how the proprietary nature of the software that runs the machines makes it impossible for anyone to analyze the data. Literally, the man behind the curtain is counting votes, and handing us the results with no transparency or accountability. For those of you who perceive Russia and Syria to be banana republics, you might be surprised what you find when you discover the real process behind the American election system. Find out more about Jonathan Simon at

The Shift Episode 33: Social Engineering and the Trivium Solution with Duane Hayes

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the tactics and techniques the elite use to effectively control the mass of the population in order to manipulate for their benefit with Duane Hayes, creator of the blog “From Out of the Hayes.” Listen as they dive deep into the history of elite foundations and their undeniable influence on mass education, commercialism, social planning and even music and entertainment designed to herd the mass of individuals into a corporate culture intentionally constructed to ensure a destiny of hard labor and indebtedness to the company store. While many see the elite as “capitalists” intent on using the free market to control the means of production, the history revealed in this episode presents a concerted attempt by the upper classes to create a centrally controlled economy with corporate/government power at the top of the pyramid. In conclusion, Duane presents the basics of a Trivium education which teaches individuals to recognize mind control and assert their personal power by using critical thinking techniques to escape the influence of the brainwashing elite. Find out more about Duane Hayes at

The Shift Episode 34: Property Rights and Agenda 21 with Tom DeWeese

In this episode, host Doug McKenty explores the imposition of long term planning on local communities worldwide through a United Nations program known as Agenda 21. Tom Deweese, president of the American Policy Center and author of Sustainable: The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals, discusses how the UN uses a combination of NGOs, public-private partnerships and elite foundations, to circumvent democracy under the guise of saving the environment. Listen in as he reveals the long term goal of literally herding people into megacities, where all aspects of our lives will be controlled by appointed regional councils and our future determined, not by our choices, but by the scientific determinations of a technocratic elite. While this agenda is touted as necessary for the preservation of the planet, Tom reveals how the arguments for sustainability and diversity fall flat as the real endgame results in a world controlled by the few, while the many are resigned to live life under the constant eye of SMART technology, no longer free to determine the course of our own existence. Find out more about Tom’s work at

The Shift Episode 35: CA Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Valentino

In this episode host Doug McKenty speaks about all things alternative with musician, actor and candidate for the Governor of California, Peter Valentino. Not only do they discuss the pressing issues of the campaign which include concern about Agenda 21, chemtrails and mandatory vaccination, but also the larger picture behind world events that place each issue inside a paradigm that you will not get from mainstream politicians. As the candidate for those of use with eyes wide open, Peter acknowledges the role secret societies play in controlling world events. His perspective posits an epic conflict between world religions that will culminate in a battle for Jerusalem and end in one world government if we do not act now to end the conquest of the many by the few. As governor, Peter plans to bring power to the people by ending corporate hegemony and seeking a middle ground that transcends the left/right paradigm. Find out more about his campaign at

The Shift Episode 36: Chemtrails and the Space Fence Lockdown with Elana Freeland

Check out this interview as host Doug McKenty goes deep into the chemtrail conspiracy with activist Elana Freeland, author of Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. Though many of us have come to question the nature of the strange linear cloud formations that have become commonplace in skies around the world, most will be surprised as the information in this episode reveals the sinister function of of the particulates that are being sprayed. Through her research, Elana has discovered a highly classified program utilizing chemtrails as a medium through which electromagnetic waves can be pulsed and then used to manipulate everything from large scale weather events to the electromagnetic systems that effect all living organisms on earth. The conversation goes on to include nanotechnology and the larger transhumanist agenda that threatens to imprison all humanity inside an electromagnetic space fence. This black operation gives new meaning to the term Full Spectrum Dominance! Find out more about Elana’s work at

The Shift Episode 37: Election Fraud and Ballot Imaging with Robert Brakey

On this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the biggest threat to American democracy with John Robert Brakey, co-founder and director of AuditUSA. After observing vote counting anomalies in his home state of Arizona, John has spent over a decade of his life dedicated to researching and exposing what appears to be widespread election rigging throughout the United States. Interestingly, John has found no evidence suggesting Russian interference. Instead, the locus of the problem seems to come from deep within the election system itself. For years, AuditUSA fought with election machine manufacturers, whose proprietary software, responsible for counting the votes was kept hidden from public view. This made it impossible to verify their accuracy. Modern voting machines, however, are equipped with ballot imaging technology that can take digital pictures which can be posted online, allowing any citizen to download and verify. Interestingly, many local and state election officials have refused to make use of this advancement, preferring instead to work in the shadows. In this interview, John explains a simple and inexpensive legal technique that can be used to require governments to make these ballot documents public. This simple act of election activism would transform our captured democracy and put power back into the hands of the people! Find out more about John’s work, and learn just how to effect this change in your community, at

The Shift Episode 38: Traditional Lakota Teachings with Chief Arvol Lookinghorse

Please enjoy this interview as host Doug McKenty has the honor and privilege of speaking with Chief Arvol Lookinghorse of the Sioux nation, comprised of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes indigenous to what is now called North America. Chief Lookinghorse is the 19th generation carrier of the “sacred bundle” given to the Sioux people by White Buffalo Calf Woman along with the knowledge of the seven sacred ceremonies which together compose the backbone of their traditional culture. Listen as Chief Lookinghorse describes the Black Snake prophecy, the importance of the rebirth of the white buffalo calf, and his personal mission to mend the “Sacred Hoop,” a philosophy which holds all people, and all nations, as equals. In order to achieve this goal, Chief Lookinghorse leads a ceremony each year on the Summer Solstice entitled “World Peace and Prayer Day” in which he invites all nations and faiths to unite under one prayer. This interview provides insight into a traditional perspective that offers an alternative to the often self-destructive Western paradigm, and invites each of us to become more sensitive to the sacredness of our connection to the Mother Earth. Find out more about Chief Lookinghorse and World Peace a Prayer Day at

The Shift Episode 39: The State of Independant Media with Ryan Cristian

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the state of the world from an independent perspective with editor-in-chief at “The Last American Vagabond” and host of “The Daily Wrap Up,” Ryan Cristian. Topics range from the state of alternative media to social engineering and elite control of corporate media. “The Daily Wrap Up” has become a go to for all those interested in independent media narratives as it provides an excellent aggregation from multiple sources pertaining to politics, current events, domestic and foreign policy and many other topics of interest for those seeking an alternative to corporate and government sponsored propaganda. His work provides a point of view that transcends the left/right paradigm and fills a need within the alternative media community for a concise one stop platform for the news of the day. Find out more about Ryan’s work, and tune into “The Daily Wrap Up,” at

The Shift Episode 40: Sustainability and Adaptability with Marcy Cravat

In this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses sustainable living practices with the director and producer of the documentary Dirt Rich, Marcy Cravat. The two go in depth about the issues we all face living in an unsustainable world and the many solutions for those who wish to pursue a life that harmonizes with nature. They also discuss what it’s like to wake up to the manipulations of a mainstream, corporate sponsored media system that compels us all to consume the lies we are told and the unsustainable lifestyle it perpetuates. Find out more about Marcy’s work at