The Shift Episode 60: The Big Picture with Makia Freeman

Enjoy this episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty talks about the big picture with editor and principle author of The Freedom Articles blog Makia Freeman. Many of us encounter glitches in the Matrix through our favorite areas of interest and sometimes it takes years of research to discover the full extent of the lies propagated incessantly through the corporate/government propaganda machine. Wether you first noticed anomalies in the dominant narratives surrounding vaccines, economics, politics, cancer, covid, 9/11, history or even UFO’s and archeology, The Freedom Articles is a one stop shop for information that addresses your individual topic, and makes the connections to the bigger picture. This conversation addresses many of these individual topics but also connects the dots to reveal a relationship between each that lead to an understanding of the over all social engineering project and the agenda behind it all. Check out for news and information about your area of interest from within a wholistic and integrated paradigm that reveals deeper truths that lie behind the curtain.

The Shift Episode 59: Viral Theory and Toxicity with Mikovits and Seneff

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and two powerhouses on the cutting edge of science, Dr. Judy Mikovits, a virologist who lead the team that isolated XMRV, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff who has been focusing her work on the ubiquitous toxin glyphosate. Individually, both scientists bring vast knowledge and objectivity to their areas of expertise. Together, they represent a vast comprehension of the scientific process that brings humanity to the limits of our collective understanding of how the world works. This discussion includes a deep dive into the quickly evolving science behind the functioning of the human virome and posits a theory of health and disease that revolves around modern theories concerning how virus’ work inside the body. Their ideas focus on immune system health, rather than outdated concepts of viral eradication. Find out more about Dr. Mikovits at and Dr. Seneff is on the web at

The Shift Episode 58: The Power of the County Sheriff with Richard Mack

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, Richard Mack. Richard was a two term Sheriff from Graham County, Arizona who was one of six county Sheriffs that sued the federal government over the forced enforcement of the controversial Brady Bill in 1994. In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court determined that under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, the county sheriff was the ultimate arbiter of decisions concerning law enforcement within their jurisdiction. In other words, this locally elected official has the last word on how laws are enforced, allowing them to weigh state and federal mandates with their own interpretation of what constitutes legality. Sheriff Mack has since dedicated his life to educating Sheriffs and their constituents about this powerful and effective tool that can be used to combat federal over reach and protect citizens agains unjust laws designed to curtail human rights or benefit special interests. Find out more about the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association at

The Shift Episode 57: Legal Challenges to Covid and Censorship with Rocco Galati Esq.

Enjoy this episode where host Doug McKenty discusses Canadian constitutional law and the rise of technocratic fascism with lawyer and executive director of the Constitutional Rights Centre, Rocco Galati. Rocco is directly involved in the Canadian fight to prevent continued efforts to impose unconstitutional economic lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations and other methods applied in response to a pandemic of questionable magnitude. He is also in the process of suing the social media giants in protest of the ongoing censorship crisis which prevents true and open debate about these topics that are of utmost importance to all of our daily lives. This discussion includes Rocco’s ideas concerning who is responsible and where this is headed if we don’t stop it. Find out more about Rocco Galati @roccogalatilaw on Twitter or on the web at

The Shift Episode 56: Retroviruses and Vaccines with Dr. Judy Mikovits

Stay tuned for this explosive conversation between host Doug McKenty and whistleblower virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits, co-author of Plague and Plague of Corruption. This interview provides an excellent overview of Dr. Mikovits’ trials and tribulations, leading up to, and after her discovery that mammalian retroviruses are not only entering the human body through vaccination, but often lay dormant for years before expressing as diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even autism. According to her research, these viruses will cause disease in hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This discovery blew the whistle on a decades long coverup and resulted in the revelation of a Plague of Corruption infecting the highest levels of the modern medical scientific establishment. Find out more about Dr. Mikovits at

The Shift Exclusive: Political Organization During Lockdown with George Roche and Joseph Hickey

Enjoy this Shift Roundtable Discussion featuring anti-lockdown organizer George Roche alongside Joseph Hickey, the Executive Director of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. This episode includes an important discussion that combines boots-on-the-ground organizing with the challenges to free speech in academia and elsewhere. Censorship and cancel culture are becoming ubiquitous aspects of a political system unwilling to allow those who question the government response to Covid to speak there mind. this conversation is a must watch for those trying to spread the message and organize politically against draconian measures that seek to erode political freedoms while driving millions into poverty. Find out more about George’s organization, The Line, at, and discover more about the OCLA here:

The Shift Episode 55: The Contagion Myth with Dr. Thomas Cowan

Enjoy this episode featuring Dr. Thomas Cowan, co-author of The Contagion Myth. In this interview, host Doug McKenty engages in a conversation about the science behind the theory that pathogenic virus’ are the cause of disease. Listen as Dr. Cowan describes the surprisingly shoddy evidence for this commonly held belief while offering an alternative explanation that provides a new paradigm for those interested in living the healthy life. Find out more about Dr. Cowan’s work at

The Shift Episode 54: Patriarchal Psychology and Cognitive Dissonance with George Roche

Have you ever wondered why so many people simply cannot discuss certain topics? Stay tuned to this episode where host Doug McKenty talks about the psychology behind cognitive dissonance with psychology expert and anti-lockdown activist George Roche. This discussion gets to the heart of the trauma bond formed between citizens and an abusive state apparatus that mirrors the injuries created in those raised in a family with an abusive father figure. Once subject to long term emotional trauma, it is common for the victim to self-identify with the needs of their oppressor. Often a type of Stockholm syndrome ensues where the oppressed go to great lengths to justify authoritarian behavior. This psychological analysis provides an explanation for why so many refuse to engage in rational conversation that questions oppressive measures by authoritarian governments around the world. Find out more about George’s activism at

The Shift Episode 53: Viral Theory, Covid and Glyphosate with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Stay tuned for this 53rd episode of “The Shift” featuring guest Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Doctor Seneff is a tenured researcher at MIT who, after focusing for years on human-AI interface switched the gist of her research to molecular biology in hopes to discover the root cause of the Autism epidemic. Her journey has led her to the cutting edge of science itself, and allowed her to develop a wholistic theory of health and disease that may portend a revolution in how we view healthcare in the future. Listen in as she discusses how viruses may act as a type of “software update” for the human genome by allowing encoded RNA to pass from human to human in an attempt to help the body heal from toxicities in the environment. Only in those with a compromised immune system does the controlled burn become a wildfire of inflammation that causes disease and death. Is glyphosate the toxin and Covid-19 the cure? Find out in this episode of “The Shift”. Find out more about Dr. Seneff at

Check out these Roundtable Discussions featuring Dr. Seneff:

The Shift Episode 52: Modern Alchemy with Phoenix Aurelius

In this Episode, host Doug McKenty talks about the alchemy of Paracelsus with modern practitioner Phoenix Aurelius. Stay tuned as they discuss the European alchemical tradition and how it can be used in the modern day to construct a sustainable lifestyle that is the perfect substitute for those adrift in the post-colonial haze. Not only does the conversation include a description of the alchemical process including theories of diagnosis and treatment of disease, but also a meta understanding of the lifestyle and economics of alchemy which supports a sustainable balance in harmony with the natural world. Perhaps most importantly, the European Alchemical tradition provides a bridge that connects to all the esoteric traditions of the world, including Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese and Shamanic lineages. For those interested in learning more, go to

The Shift Extra: Unconstitutional Lockdowns and the Sheriff Solution with Clyde Cleveland

Enjoy this special episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty is joined by Clyde Cleveland to discuss the unconstitutional legal foundations for the “State of Emergency” that justifies total economic lockdown by “Executive Order.” These decrees are, in reality, nothing more than extra-democratic edicts propagated by those who pursue power over the public good. Listen in to discover the simple solution that county Sheriffs have the power of enforcement, are compelled to adhere to the will of the community and must act in compliance with the rights and liberties outlined in state and federal constitutions. In other words, there is a simple solution if county Sheriffs are educated and community leaders understand there is no real enforcement mechanism for compliance. Discover more about the movement at

The Shift Episode 51: Liberty and the Will to Power with Tanner Cook

Hello everyone and welcome to the 51st episode of The Shift. Listen in as host Doug McKenty discusses Nietzche and Anarchy with Tanner Cook, author of Liberty and the Will to Power: A Manifesto for the Amoral Libertarian. This episode makes a great compliment to last weeks conversation about Agorism with Derrick Broze. In this new book, Tanner revisits the classic arguments for anarchy, including the non-agression principal and natural law, with a post Neitzchean analysis that recognizes the fact that logic and reason do not apply in a world defined by state power. This conversation will be interesting to those who know Neitzche’s philosophy as well as those who are not familiar with his work as Doug and Tanner touch all the bases and explore complex subject matter in a way that can be understood. In contrast to Derrick Broze, who uses Eastern and Indigenous philosophies to explain his path to freedom, Tanner Cook utilizes this decidedly Western philosopher’s path to personal liberation to come to the same conclusions. Find more about Tanner’s work at Tanner Cook on Facebook and Instagram, and look up Liberty ad the Will to Power on

The Shift Episode 50: Derrick Broze and the Conscious Resistance

Enjoy this 50th episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses personal and political liberation during this time of technocratic takeover with journalist and activist Derrick Broze. Derrick’s new book How to Opt Out of the Technochratic State takes a deep dive into the political philosophy of Agorism and the notion that the greatest act of rebellion is non-compliance. Listen in as Derrick and Doug discuss the troubled past that lead Derrick to make powerful life changes which placed him on a path towards personal and political liberation as well as his political philosophy which offers a refreshing combination of spiritual and psychological healing along side a political activism that relays practical solutions to ever encroaching government and corporate interference in everyday life. This interview includes an analysis of the failure of the left/right paradigm and even examines how indigenous wisdom can be utilized while looking for a way out of the current post-Roman colonial paradigm. Find out more about Derrick’s work at: and connect with like minded individuals through the Freedom Cell network:

The Shift Episode 49: Hydroxychloroquine and the Bio Defense Industry with Dr. Meryl Nass

Enjoy this informative episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty explores the darker side of the Bio Defense Industrial Complex with blogger and activist Dr. Meryl Nass. Dr. Nass has recently been showcased in the documentary Plandemic: Indoctornation for her observations concerning the potential for corruption within the biotech industry as it pertains to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Nass has spent decades on the frontlines of health freedom activism, initially exploring the use of Anthrax as a bioweapon, then working with those suffering from Gulf War Syndrome which she attributed to the use of a controversial Anthrax vaccine. More recently, she published the blog post “How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative was Created, and More” which currently lists 47 ways corporate medicine and media falsely painted a picture that HCQ and zinc are not effective tools in the fight against Covid. Check out the entire article here: Stay tuned as this conversation explores the growth of the Bio Defense Industry from Anthrax to Covid and exposes the corruption that drives much of the industries actions today. Find out more about Dr. Nass at

The Shift Episode 48: The Mythology of Scientism with Alex Tsakiris

Welcome to the 48th episode of The Shift where Doug McKenty speaks with author and host of the Skeptiko podcast Alex Tsakiris. This discussion focuses on the concept of scientism as a type of mythology that forms a belief system loosely based on the process of science, but going well beyond the actual ability of science to determine truth. This belief system includes a form of materialistic determinism disproved by actual science, and affords believers a zealot like attachment to “scientific truths” proven by “experts” that act more like a priest class than scientists dedicated to a process which in reality requires open-mindedness and flexibility in the face of new information. Listen in as we build on the works of Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah, to discuss scientism as a control mechanism used by elites to separate followers from their true spiritual potential. It may be useful to listen to these interviews Alex and I have done with Joe Atwill in the past in order to understand the context of some of this conversation. If you haven’t already, I urge all of my listeners to check out Alex Tsakiris’ podcast “Skeptiko” here:

The Shift Episode 47: Health Freedom and the Cure for Cancer with Charles Pixley

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the science of Dr. Gaston Naessens with homeopathic doctor and author of Do No Harm, Charles Pixley. After inventing a microscope capable of analyzing living cells at 30,000x, Naessens observed the life cycle of a tiny microorganism he called a somatid. Blood cells in a healthy person contained somatids that evolved in a three stage cycle, but would continue through a 16 cycle progression in an individual under duress. Using this information, Nassens was able to diagnose chronic disease years earlier than previously possible, and could often treat these diseases before symptoms typically appear. Eventually Nassens developed a homeopathic treatment for cancer he called 714x, which had the ability to stop cancer progression while allowing the immune system to eradicate the disease. In the late 1980’s, Dr. Charles Pixley learned of this protocol and began disseminating the drug to cancer patients all across the United States, observing remarkable rates of recovery. It did not take long for the medical establishment to take notice, however, as this remarkable cure threatened chemotherapy industry reaping billions of dollars in profits each year. Eventually, Naessens was publicly discredited and Pixley was eventually sent to jail for refusing to stop providing this remarkable medicine to people in need. Stay tuned for this discussion about Big Pharma corruption and the need to go back to a system of medical freedom where doctors and patients are able to make treatment decisions together utilizing a process of informed consent. Find out more about Dr. Pixley and 714x at

The Shift Episode 46: Freedom and the Police State with John Whitehead

Welcome to this 46th episode of The Shift where your host Doug McKenty talks constitutional law with lawyer and founder of the Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead. John has spent decades defending the average American citizen against government abuse of power. His most recent book, Battlefield America: The War on the American People, outlines just how difficult his job has become. In the midst of a pandemic lockdown as well as a national protest movement calling for the defunding of the police, John’s concerns about government overreach have never been so poignant. If you are concerned about living in a state of emergency, the militarization of the police and the loss of civil liberties, this episode will be of interest. What you will hear on this episode will never be presented in corporate media. Find out more about John Whitehead at

The Shift Episode 45: Inflammation and Coronavirus with Dr. Richard Fleming

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and Dr. Richard Fleming, renowned nuclear cardiologist, author of Stop Inflammation Now! and developer of the arterial inflammation testing methodology known as FMTVDR. Listen in as Dr. Fleming discusses a career marked by revolutionary discoveries, cutting costs and increasing the accuracy of testing diagnostics for arterial degeneration and find out what happens when scientific discoveries run afoul of Big Pharma profits. After developing an understanding that inflammation was a root cause of heart disease, Dr. Fleming went on to invent a testing protocol that accurately measures rates of inflammation in patients in real time. This methodology can be used to discover the efficacy of potentially beneficial treatments within days, rather than the months it takes to complete a clinical trial. Find out how FMTVDM can be used during the current Covid-19 crisis to determine the success or failure rates of potential treatments as the medical community scrambles to discover a way to reduce the damage caused by this potentially deadly disease. Find out more about Dr. Fleming’s work, and to inquire about FMTVDM licensure, check out

The Shift Episode 44: Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality with Paul Levy

Stay tuned for this episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty explores the link between science and spirituality with Paul Levy, author of The Quantum Revelation. The conversation goes into overdrive as Doug and Paul dive deep into the implications raised by an understanding that the process of observation effects the material world at the atomic level. In other words, consciousness alters reality. These discoveries by modern physicists have not only forced classical scientists to rethink their traditional notion of cause and effect, but also realigns Western thinking with that of Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and Indigenous Shamanism. They also discuss the possibility that Quantum Mechanics may be the medicine Western culture needs to heal from the mind virus of materialism, as described by the Native American concept of “Wetiko.” Find out more about Pauls philosophy at

The Shift Episode 43: Virtue Mongering, Censorship and the New Digital Samizdat with Mark Jeftovic

Check out this excellent conversation between host Doug McKenty and blogger, author, tech guru and CEO of easyDNS Mark Jeftovic where they discuss how modern concepts of virtue are leading society down a dangerous road, reminiscent of the early days of the French Revolution and other periods of history characterized by popular control by a small group of zealots. They discuss how and why this is happening and Mark offers potential practical solutions for content creators to steer audiences back to a personally controlled web site while reducing dependance on third party platforms for distribution and monetization. Look into his book Unassailable for tips on how to maintain your audience and control content distribution in an age of shadow banning and outright censorship by the powers that be. Get a free copy of the book at and find his blog, “Out of the Cave”, here: Mark has graciously offered a 50% off coupon for first time purchases with code “The Shift”. Go to for domain registration, web and email hosting, and more!

The Shift Episode 42: Colony Collapse Disorder and Covid-19 with Marayam Henien

Another great episode of The Shift with Marayam Henien, producer/director of the documentary film “The Vanishing of the Bees” and functional medical consultant at While many of us may have heard about Colony Collapse Disorder, the mainstream media did not do justice to the impacts of systemic pesticides on bee populations all over the world. These pesticides still negatively impact the environment to this day. Maryam and I discuss the slow poisoning of the bees and how it correlates to the human population as we all experience the same symptoms over time in terms of toxic overload and body burden. Let’s hope humanity can use honey bee colonies as a canary in the coal mine and clean up our act before we experience our own form of colony collapse. Please enjoy this interview and find out more about Maryam at her website or on Facebook and Twitter

The Shift Episode 41: UN Agenda 21 with Rosa Koire

Enjoy this great discussion I had with Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21. It is amazing how much of the planned Agenda is coming to light in these days of Covid 19 as the pandemic seems to have become the perfect “crisis” with which to roll out many of the plans already underway. In this interview, we discuss how these plans came to be, how they are being implemented, and just how the pandemic is creating an environment where many of these changes can take place. Written in 2011, Behind the Green Mask could not be more timely today. If you are interested in finding out the plan for rebuilding out future will look like, listen to this conversation. Find out more about Rosa’s work at