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On Populism

This series describes how and why Progressivism has failed the lower classes and explains how Populism is actually the political movement that works towards the betterment of the common person. It also explains how “conspiracy theory” should more accurately be described as Populist revisionist history.

Part I: The Failure of Progressivism

Part II: What Populism Is

Part III: What Populism Most Definitely is Not

The Root of the Problem

This article details how upper-class control over not only political systems, but the technology developed by those systems, represents the greatest threat to the interests of the 99%.

US Propaganda and Ukraine: Notes on Information Warfare

My attempt to wake up the many in the Western world convinced their political system is impervious to misinformation campaigns designed to obfuscate crises for the benefit of those profiting off disaster.

Welcome to the Machine

These articles cover the mechanistic worldview favored by advocates of scientific socialism and contrasts it with the organic concepts of natural law and self organizing systems which characterize the free market.

Part I: The Techne of Progressivism

Part II: The Bios of Libertarianism

Dialectic and Dialogue: The Problem of Sophistry and its Solution

A stand-alone article that dives deeper into the questions of logic and describes how sophistry is necessary to justify control, while dialogue is the path forward for those who advocate individual autonomy.

On Unity: A Response to Alison McDowell

This series focuses on the inadequacies of the left/right paradigm and its use as a divide and conquer tool that prevents the unification of the 99%. I use a conflict between blogger Alison McDowell and activist Derrick Broze to exemplify the never-ending battle between the antipodes of dialectic, designed to never resolve.

Part I: The Crux of the Issue

Part II: Dialectic and Dialogue

Part III: On Principles and Compromise

Addendum: The Issue of Blockchain Use and the Controversy Concerning Child Sovereignty