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TMT Terrain/Virus Debate #1 Featuring Drs Robert O. Young & Richard Fleming

Dr. Young & Fleming join Host Doug McKenty for what We hope Will be the 1st in a Series of Virus/Terrain Discussions with roatating Professionals.

TMT Roundtable 16: Canada & Ireland Unite

Rocco Galati, ESQ & Dr. Dolores Cahill, PhD join Host Doug McKenty for a discussion focusing on the current Medical/Health Freedom Legal Landscape.

TMT Roundtable 15: An American Doctor & A UK Nurse

Dr. Carrie Madej and UK Nurse Kate Shemirani join Host Doug McKenty to discuss Health & Medical Freedom topics ignored by Power Structure supported Media Outlets.

TMT Roundtable 14: Epigenetics Unraveled

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Epigenetics Counselor Sterling Hill & Investigative Journalist + Functional Medicine Coach Maryam Henein join Host Doug McKenty for a Roundtable Discussion on navigating environmental exposures.

TMT Roundtable 13: Medical Mafia Manipulation

Doctors Tenpenny, Mikovits, Fleming & Pixley along with Attorney Rocco Galati join Host Doug McKenty at the Roundtable discussing everything from Medical Establishment corruption to what The Controller Agenda is currently confronting Humanity with.

TMT Roundtable 12: Securing Sovereign Rights

Sovereign Rights Humanitarians Dean Clifford from Canada & Derek Syroka with a US perspective join Host Doug McKenty at the Roundtable for an insightful discussion on effective methods in securing Our Freedom.

TMT Roundtable 11: #FreeAssange

Journalists/Activists Steve Poikonen of Action4Assange & Slow News Day along with Taylor Hudak of acTVism Munich join Host Doug McKenty for an update on the Julian Assange Case.

TMT Roundtable 10: EMF Solutions & The Dangers of Microwave Proliferation

Eric Windheim of Windheim EMF Solutions & Environmental Advocate Virginia Farver join Host Doug McKenty at The Roundtable to discuss why We should be concerned about EMF microwave proliferation

TMT Roundtable 9: Unmasking The COVID1984 Truth:

Peggy Hall of & Mariah Manazza of join Host Maryam Henein of for another poignant Roundtable Discussion focusing on the most relevant & pressing narratives of the Day.

TMT Roundtable 8: The Opioid Crisis You’ve Yet To Hear About

Drs. Mark Ibsen & Arnold Feldman with Attorney Ron Chapman + Don’t Punish Pain Rally Advocate Claudia Merandi join Host & Medical Freedom Advocate Jonelle Elgaway for a Roundtable Discussion on the part of the Opioid Crisis You’ve likely never heard.

TMT Roundtable 7: Agenda 21 On The Attack

Patrick Wood & Tom Deweese join Host Doug McKenty for another compelling & Timely Transparent Media Truth Roundtable Discussion.

TMT Roundtable 6: G. Edward Griffin & Mads Palsvig Exposing The MaTricks

Author, Historian & Founder of The Red Pill Expo, G. Edward Griffin and Danish JFK 21 Independent Party Chairman Mads Palsvig discuss the Days most relevant & pressing Narratives. Doug McKenty of The Shift Hosts another compelling Roundtable

TMT Roundtable 5: Drs. Kaufman & Mikovits Take A COVID1984 Deep Science Dive

Drs. Mikovits & Kaufman discuss the most relevant topics of Our Day. Passelande Pictures Filmmaker Marcy Cravat returns to Host & as does MC Doug McKenty of The Shift Who offers up the Intros & Closing Commentary.

TMT Roundtable 4: Vorhies and Henein Discuss Shadowbanning and Big Tech Censorship

Enjoy this roundtable discussion hosted by Doug McKenty and produced by Transparent Media Truth. We go deep down the rabbit hole of big tech censorship with Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies and producer of The Vanishing of the Bees Maryam Henein.