The Shift Episode 112: Targeted Individuals with Viorel Serb

This episode of The Shift takes a deep dive into the life of targeted individual Viorel Serb. After years of enduring constant psychological abuse coming from seemingly unrelated sources, Viorel eventually discovered a pattern that led him down the deep rabbit hole of what has come to be known as the targeted individual phenomenon. Along with the realization that there were many others experiencing the same bizarre behavior, his research revealed a larger plot to harass certain individuals with gangstalking, gaslighting, and even advanced technologies designed to break down individual psychology by making the target appear to be going crazy. Find out more about the experiences of Viorel Serb by checking out his book, “The Battle for Your Mind“, on Amazon, or searching for Gangstalking Aattention Awareness on FaceBook or YouTube.



6 thoughts on “The Shift Episode 112: Targeted Individuals with Viorel Serb”

  1. This was one of the best interviews covering TI’s that I’ve come across in a long time! Viorel Serb’s, The Battle For Your Brain is perfect for beginners. I’ve already given my copy away and need to buy another copy. For anyone questioning Targeted Individuals and needs further information Dr. Eric Karlstrom is a treasure trove of information. Many of Dr. Karlstrom’s videos have been scrubbed from YT but this one still exists. Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom :Tavistock, Mind Control, Cults –

    Dr. Eric Karlstrom: Gangstalking (aka Security-Services Stalking, COINTELPRO Torture/Terror/Murder, Hybrid Warfare), Mind Control, & Cults | Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO (G5) aka Psychotronic/Neuro/Hybrid/Political Warfare Against Civilians – – please beware, Eric too draws the conclusion the Zionists are behind it. I’d love to see ‘The Battle For Your Brain’ sitting on bookshelves inside every home in America.

  2. Dear Doug McKenty,

    just listened to your recent interview with Viorel Serb. Very interesting topic: v2k torture. I myself is subjected to v2k torture 24/7.

    Please let me give you a short introduction to what is going on and the technologies in question.

    # Bullying on Steroids

    You are familiar with the concept of bullying? To insult, gaslight, threaten, harass and even physically attack someone in person repeatedly for no real reason whatsoever.

    Now, imagine there was a way to do this without the need of being physically present in the same space as the victim; who receives all the vile bullying. Sounds kinda crazy, right? But it is possible due to technology, nowadays.

    This technology can broadcast audio/sound and intelligible speech anywhere and thus terrorize its victim.

    How is this possible?

    Electromagnetic waves (non-ionizing microwaves). To be more precise: magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound (MRgHIFU). Ultrasound can be used to beam audio/sound signals in the hearing range of humans like a laser. The reach is pretty much endless and ONLY the target can hear the sound! It is military technology. For instance, the LRAD = Long Range Acoustic Device.

    Take a closer look at the so called Havana Syndrome. The official term for this syndrome is “anomalous health incidents”. In a nutshell, covert pulsed microwaves acoustic attacks on US embassy employees and their family members (pets and kids included!) inside embassies, hotels and their own private homes. The first attacks allegedly started in Cuba in 2016.

    Did you know that civilians are subjected to similar directed energy attacks 24/7 non-stop?

    What happens? The victim is tortured round the clock 24/7 with noise campaigns, derogatory remarks & comments, hate speeches, death threats, street theater, extreme sleep deprivation and even neurological injuries. All these attacks are fully automated due to AI. The ultimate goal is: to drive the victim to commit suicide or homicides; or cardiac arrest.
    There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent civilians tortured 24/7 non-stop in their own homes, and virtually anywhere else on this planet! No escape possible!

    But how can they track and trace a person 24/7?

    RF-Capture is a device or fully automated Radar system that captures a human figure through walls and occlusions. It transmits wireless signals and reconstructs a human figure by analyzing the signals’ reflections.


    This is human trafficking, torture and premeditated murder!

    Law enforcement and lawmakers FAIL to do their job: to investigate and stop such high-tech heinous hate crimes against humanity. Victims are systematically ignored or worse placed on 5150 psychiatric hold, just for reporting these crimes. Lack of knowledge? Ignorance? Corruption? Complicity?

    Before jumping the gun, any intelligent person can research: the DSM of Psychiatry is a House of Cards. A total SCAM! No science behind it! No test exists that can scientifically prove any made up diagnosis.
    In essence: it is the creation of fake patients for big Pharma, as well as Zersetzung of dissidents and freethinkers. Have a very good look at history! East German Stasi Zersetzung, punitive psychiatry, CoIntelPro, Scientology’s Fair Game policy and MK Ultra.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatry,


    What can the Shift Now do to help victims of such heinous covert coward crimes?

    All we victims seek is public awareness and recognition and genuine help from those who’s job it is to protect and serve the people and the general public. Hence I sincerely beg you to research this subject and take a stand.

    Chinese v2k torture victim speaks out,

    American v2k torture victims speak out,

    Here are some of the heinous crimes instigated and NOT properly investigated,

    # Myron May (confirmed TI)

    His testimony,


    Mainstream media,

    # Justine Johnson

    # Miriam Carey (confirmed TI)

    Mainstream media,

    And there are many many more cases! These are ongoing crimes!

    Please check out my YouTube channel,

    More information you’ll find on:,

  3. Targeted individual phenomenon might be real or not but I for a fact know a gang/culture if such have experience with one of them.

    Look this person “sethikus boza” of black earth productions on youtube.

    I have 3 years experience with him with evidence and inside info on him.

    I have a master’s degree in computer science I’m not fucking around.

  4. Hello Doug, just wanted to thank you for allowing your platform to expose this bizarre phenomenon that is very real. I’m coming to you from a remote location in Airizona, but have experienced the gangstalking in suburban America and everywhere I have traveled. My experience is that there is no way to escape the cryptonic prison Targeted Individuals live in. It took me over twenty years to finally figure out what was going on in my life, with all the pitfalls, failures, broken relationships, job losses and personal hardships that were so numerous and frequent it just could not be normal. My story is lengthy but at the moment I resign myself to the realization that this dilemma will not be resolved in my lifetime. It is difficult to fathom as a service veteran how such a perpetuation of this magnitude could infiltrate this great nation of ours for I truely feel like a man without a country. As I ride into the sunset of my life the prospect of growing old gracefully is amiss and the likelihood of dignity at death but an afterthought.

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