The Shift Episode 125: The Theory of Terrain with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the controversial Terrain Theory of disease with Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Though much of modern medicine is based on the notion that invading microorganisms are the root cause of disease, Dr. Kaufman questions the prevailing theory and posits environmental causes are the reason people get sick. If true, detoxification, and immune-boosting supplementation, should replace many prevalent treatment protocols which may reduce symptoms, but never achieves the homeostasis required to live a truly healthy life. He has recently produced two documentaries elucidating his position. In “Terrain: The Film” he painstakingly addresses the scientific foundations of germ theory, while “Hypocratic Hypocrisy” details a corrupt history of modern medicine allowing the propagation of treatments that may be profitable, but show little efficacy in actually curing disease. Find both documentaries and much more by going to



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