The Shift Episode 39: The State of Independent Media with Ryan Cristian

In this episode, host Doug McKenty discusses the state of the world from an independent perspective with editor-in-chief at “The Last American Vagabond” and host of “The Daily Wrap Up,” Ryan Cristian. Topics range from the state of alternative media to social engineering and elite control of corporate media. “The Daily Wrap Up” has become a go to for all those interested in independent media narratives as it provides an excellent aggregation from multiple sources pertaining to politics, current events, domestic and foreign policy and many other topics of interest for those seeking an alternative to corporate and government sponsored propaganda. His work provides a point of view that transcends the left/right paradigm and fills a need within the alternative media community for a concise one stop platform for the news of the day. Find out more about Ryan’s work, and tune into “The Daily Wrap Up,” at As always, discover more about The Shift at


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