The Shift Episode 43: Virtue Mongering, Censorship and the New Digital Samizdat with Mark Jeftovic

Check out this excellent conversation between host Doug McKenty and blogger, author, tech guru and CEO of easyDNS Mark Jeftovic where they discuss how modern concepts of virtue are leading society down a dangerous road, reminiscent of the early days of the French Revolution and other periods of history characterized by popular control by a small group of zealots.  They discuss how and why this is happening and Mark offers potential practical solutions for content creators to steer audiences back to a personally controlled web site while reducing dependance on third party platforms for distribution and monetization.  Look into his book Unassailable for tips on how to maintain your audience and control content distribution in an age of shadow banning and outright censorship by the powers that be.  Get a free copy of the book at and find his blog, “Out of the Cave”, here:    Mark has graciously offered a 50% off coupon for first time purchases with code “The Shift”.  Go to for domain registration, web and email hosting, and more!

43 Jeftovic

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