The Shift Episode 44: Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality with Paul Levy

Stay tuned for this episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty explores the link between science and spirituality with Paul Levy, author of The Quantum Revelation.  The conversation goes into overdrive as Doug and Paul dive deep into the implications raised by an understanding that the process of observation effects the material world at the atomic level.  In other words, consciousness alters reality.  These discoveries by modern physicists have not only forced classical scientists to rethink their traditional notion of cause and effect, but also realigns Western thinking with that of Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and Indigenous Shamanism. They also discuss the possibility that Quantum Mechanics may be the medicine Western culture needs to heal from the mind virus of materialism, as described by the Native American concept of “Wetiko.”  Find out more about Pauls philosophy at

2 thoughts on “The Shift Episode 44: Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality with Paul Levy”

  1. So the where would one draw the line when riding the razors edge between wanting success in the form of wealth in order to have what i want to provide for my family and not becoming consumed by the wetiko? This tends to be a common theme for me when trying to make changes in my idealogical standings and personal life. When is enough and when is too much.

    1. I believe everyone is entitled to a feeling of abundance and should allow themselves to exist without the stress derived from scarce resources. The wetiko, in my understanding, is not so much about consumerism as it is about a belief that everything is reductive and deterministic. Freedom from the mind virus allows an individual to understand they are a part of a wholistic universe through which they can manifest their own reality. This includes the manifestation of abundance.

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