The Shift Episode 45: Inflammation and Coronavirus with Dr. Richard Fleming

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and Dr. Richard Fleming, renowned nuclear cardiologist, author of Stop Inflammation Now! and developer of the arterial inflammation testing methodology known as FMTVDR. Listen in as Dr. Fleming discusses a career marked by revolutionary discoveries, cutting costs and increasing the accuracy of testing diagnostics for arterial degeneration and find out what happens when scientific discoveries run afoul of Big Pharma profits. After developing an understanding that inflammation was a root cause of heart disease, Dr. Fleming went on to invent a testing protocol that accurately measures rates of inflammation in patients in real time. This methodology can be used to discover the efficacy of potentially beneficial treatments within days, rather than the months it takes to complete a clinical trial. Find out how FMTVDM can be used during the current Covid-19 crisis to determine the success or failure rates of potential treatments as the medical community scrambles to discover a way to reduce the damage caused by this potentially deadly disease. Find out more about Dr. Fleming’s work, and to inquire about FMTVDM licensure, check out Subscribe to listen to the full length feature episode and engage in the membership forum at Or go to Thanks for listening!!

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