The Shift Episode 47: Health Freedom and the Cure for Cancer with Charles Pixley

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the science of Dr. Gaston Naessens with homeopathic doctor and author of Do No Harm, Charles Pixley. After inventing a microscope capable of analyzing living cells at 30,000x, Naessens observed the life cycle of a tiny microorganism he called a somatid. Blood cells in a healthy person contained somatids that evolved in a three stage cycle, but would continue through a 16 cycle progression in an individual under duress. Using this information, Nassens was able to diagnose chronic disease years earlier than previously possible, and could often treat these diseases before symptoms typically appear. Eventually Nassens developed a homeopathic treatment for cancer he called 714x, which had the ability to stop cancer progression while allowing the immune system to eradicate the disease.
In the late 1980’s, Dr. Charles Pixley learned of this protocol and began disseminating the drug to cancer patients all across the United States, observing remarkable rates of recovery.
It did not take long for the medical establishment to take notice, however, as this remarkable cure threatened chemotherapy industry reaping billions of dollars in profits each year. Eventually, Naessens was publicly discredited and Pixley was eventually sent to jail for refusing to stop providing this remarkable medicine to people in need.
Stay tuned for this discussion about Big Pharma corruption and the need to go back to a system of medical freedom where doctors and patients are able to make treatment decisions together utilizing a process of informed consent. Find out more about Dr. Pixley and 714x at As always, find out more about The Shift, and subscribe for the full episodes, at or become a patron at Enjoy!!

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