The Shift Episode 48: The Mythology of Scientism with Alex Tsakiris

Welcome to the 48th episode of The Shift where Doug McKenty
speaks with author and host of the Skeptiko podcast Alex Tsakiris. This discussion focuses on the concept of scientism as a type of mythology that forms a belief system loosely based on the process of science, but going well beyond the actual ability of science to determine truth. This belief system includes a form of materialistic determinism disproved by actual science, and affords believers a zealot like attachment to “scientific truths” proven by “experts” that act more like a priest class than scientists dedicated to a process which in reality requires open-mindedness and flexibility in the face of new information. Listen in as we build on the works of Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar’s Messiah, to discuss scientism as a control mechanism used by elites to separate followers from their true spiritual potential.

It may be useful to listen to these interviews Alex and I have done with Joe Atwill in the past in order to understand the context of some of this conversation.

If you haven’t already, I urge all of my listeners to check out Alex Tsakiris’ podcast “Skeptiko” here:, and as always, find out more about “The Shift” and subscribe at: or on Patreaon here:

Thanks for listening!

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