The Shift Episode 49: Hydroxychloroquine and the Bio Defense Industry with Dr. Meryl Nass

Enjoy this informative episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty explores the darker side of the Bio Defense Industrial Complex with blogger and activist Dr. Meryl Nass. Dr. Nass has recently been showcased in the documentary Plandemic: Indoctornation for her observations concerning the potential for corruption within the biotech industry as it pertains to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Nass has spent decades on the frontlines of health freedom activism, initially exploring the use of Anthrax as a bioweapon, then working with those suffering from Gulf War Syndrome which she attributed to the use of a controversial Anthrax vaccine. More recently, she published the blog post “How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative was Created, and More” which currently lists 47 ways corporate medicine and media falsely painted a picture that HCQ and zinc are not effective tools in the fight against Covid. Check out the entire article here: Stay tuned as this conversation explores the growth of the Bio Defense Industry from Anthrax to Covid and exposes the corruption that drives much of the industries actions today. Find out more about Dr. Nass at and as always, find out more about The Shift at For feature length editions of each episode and access to the membership forum, please subscribe to the show at the website, or become a Patron at Thanks for listening!!

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