The Shift Episode 50: Derrick Broze and the Conscious Resistance

Enjoy this 50th episode of The Shift as host Doug McKenty discusses personal and political liberation during this time of technocratic takeover with journalist and activist Derrick Broze. Derrick’s new book How to Opt Out of the Technochratic State takes a deep dive into the political philosophy of Agorism and the notion that the greatest act of rebellion is non-compliance. Listen in as Derrick and Doug discuss the troubled past that lead Derrick to make powerful life changes which placed him on a path towards personal and political liberation as well as his political philosophy which offers a refreshing combination of spiritual and psychological healing along side a political activism that relays practical solutions to ever encroaching government and corporate interference in everyday life. This interview includes an analysis of the failure of the left/right paradigm and even examines how indigenous wisdom can be utilized while looking for a way out of the current post-Roman colonial paradigm. Find out more about Derrick’s work at:

and connect with like minded individuals through the Freedom Cell network:

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