The Shift Episode 51: Liberty and the Will to Power with Tanner Cook

Hello everyone and welcome to the 51st episode of The Shift. Listen in as host Doug McKenty discusses Nietzche and Anarchy with Tanner Cook, author of Liberty and the Will to Power: A Manifesto for the Amoral Libertarian. This episode makes a great compliment to last weeks conversation about Agorism with Derrick Broze. In this new book, Tanner revisits the classic arguments for anarchy, including the non-agression principal and natural law, with a post Neitzchean analysis that recognizes the fact that logic and reason do not apply in a world defined by state power. This conversation will be interesting to those who know Neitzche’s philosophy as well as those who are not familiar with his work as Doug and Tanner touch all the bases and explore complex subject matter in a way that can be understood. In contrast to Derrick Broze, who uses Eastern and Indigenous philosophies to explain his path to freedom, Tanner Cook utilizes this decidedly Western philosopher’s path to personal liberation to come to the same conclusions. Find more about Tanner’s work at Tanner Cook on Facebook and Instagram, and look up Liberty ad the Will to Power on Discover more about The Shift at The Shift with Doug McKenty on Facebook, @dmckenty on Twitter or on the web at Thanks for listening!!

Episode 51: Tanner Cook
Episode 51: Tanner Cook

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