The Shift Episode 59: Viral Theory and Toxicity with Mikovits and Seneff

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and two powerhouses on the cutting edge of science, Dr. Judy Mikovits, a virologist who lead the team that isolated XMRV, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff who has been focusing her work on the ubiquitous toxin glyphosate. Individually, both scientists bring vast knowledge and objectivity to their areas of expertise. Together, they represent a vast comprehension of the scientific process that brings humanity to the limits of our collective understanding of how the world works. This discussion includes a deep dive into the quickly evolving science behind the functioning of the human virome and posits a theory of health and disease that revolves around modern theories concerning how virus’ work inside the body. Their ideas focus on immune system health, rather than outdated concepts of viral eradication. Find out more about Dr. Mikovits at and Dr. Seneff is on the web at

Here are my previous interviews with each:




4 thoughts on “The Shift Episode 59: Viral Theory and Toxicity with Mikovits and Seneff”

  1. Stephanie Seneff has a computer science background, so she falsely believes that she know about glyphosates. Judy Mikovits is my former boss and was not the first to isolate XMRV, which is a harmless lab contaminant.

    1. Do you have an issue with Dr. Seneff’s science? She has two PhD’s and an excellent understanding of biochemistry from what I can tell. I would suggest you read Plague for the story behind the isolation of XMRV.

      1. Seneff has a PhD in computer science, a different academic field from biological sciences. She makes numerous errors in biochemistry, falsely claiming that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous.

        XMRV retroviruses are harmless lab contaminants from recombination of two xenograft cell lines. Judy published a lab contaminant and had the paper retracted for being scientifically invalid.

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