The Shift Episode 69: The Bullyocracy with Donald Jeffries

Stay tuned for this informative episode as host Doug McKenty explores the idea of Bullyocracy with author Donald Jeffries. This much-needed conversation dives into the notion that a toxic emotional environment ubiquitous throughout the education system, may well be characteristic of an almost subconscious social hierarchy that begins early on in the educational process and goes on to define a subtle, yet powerful, culture-wide psychological system that favors the strong over the weak. In his book, Bullyocracy, Jeffries describes how popular kids in school are often allowed to torment and bully “outsiders” with impunity, while authority figures often allow such behavior, even blaming the victim when the bullying escalates into serious violence. He goes on to depict how these bullies go onto success in life, while their victims often suffer from years, even decades of PTSD. Could this subtle social hierarchy, cultivated throughout the educational experience of many, be the foundation of a society that often allows the 1% to get away with all manner of abuse against the lower classes? Have many of us been socialized from an early age to accept that the “survival of the richest” at any cost, is an acceptable form of social organization? Find out as Doug and Donald take a deep dive into the foundations of this Bullyocracy and how it defines our social and political relationships well after high school. Discover more about Donald’s work at



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