The Shift Episode 73: The Guardian Alliance with Alexandria Russell

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and Alexandria Russell of The Guardian Alliance. As we decolonize and separate from the corporate/government narratives of materialistic reductionism, it is often difficult to discover alternative belief systems to replace the worldview of empire. Often, those making the shift can become overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and depression as they no longer trust the paradigm of their birth. Though alternatives are out there, it can take years to find teachers and pick from the many traditional and indigenous belief systems that may work for you, then blend those systems into an integrated, holistic perspective about the world that resonates and empowers. Add to that the modern concepts of quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and unified field theory and you may never find your way back to a worldview that is consistent and fully functional. For those seeking to understand the many layers of this esoteric worldview that provides a path to healing and personal strength, the Guardian Alliance is the place to go. The introductory process is very affordable and worth checking out for newcomers as well as those who have experience with esoteric traditions. Check out this conversation for an in-depth discussion of how the system works and what you can expect to get out of it, and go to for more information and to sign up to learn the fundamentals of the wholistic integrated worldview that provides an alternative perspective to the dominant paradigm.



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