The Shift Episode 74: Sophistry and Technocracy with Dr. Julianne Romanello

Enjoy this 74th episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty discusses the rollout of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Doctor of Philosophy Julianne Romanello. Dr. Romanello was teaching at the University of Tulsa when the administration announced big changes to the curriculum. The university was going to start promoting science and math at the expense of the classical liberal arts curriculum that prioritized a well-rounded education. Upon further inspection, Dr. Romanello discovered these changes were influenced by a web of public/private partnerships now exposed as the economic program known as the Great Reset. Enjoy this conversation that not only reveals how university education has been dramatically influenced by this plan but uses the philosophical writings of Eric Voglin to provide context for the philosophical shift away from education and towards indoctrination. If you want to dive deeper, you can find Voglin’s “On Classical Studies” here:, and Dr. Romanello’s essay concerning the work here: Find out more about Dr. Julianne Romanello at



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  1. Hi Doug Great interview I was wondering if it might be possible to connect or communicate a bit with you I could go into my background and what kinds of things might come out of such communication, but that’s hard to do in a short time I can try to elaborate if you prefer

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