The Shift Episode 75: The Healing Power of the Subconscious Mind with Jason Christoff

In this episode, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the power of the subconscious mind with self-sabotage coach Jason Christoff. They discuss how often the subconscious mind is used by the corporate/government narrative as a tool for control. Through marketing, television programming and indoctrination, many are left susceptible to conditioned beliefs about health, abundance and politics that are not the product of personal critical thinking, but as a result of subconscious cues designed to manipulate thoughts and habit. In this interview, Jason describes how we as humans can take back our subconscious mind through the persistent, repetitive retraining of destructive thought patterns in order to take back our lives from those who would manipulate us for social control and personal gain. By transmuting these negative conditionings into positive, healthy thought process, we can retake our lives from the colonizing machine and gain personal sovereignty, abundance, health and vitality. Find out more about the work of Jason Christoff at



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