The Shift Extra: Unconstitutional Lockdowns and the Sheriff Solution with Clyde Cleveland

Enjoy this special episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty is joined by Clyde Cleveland to discuss the unconstitutional legal foundations for the “State of Emergency” that justifies total economic lockdown by “Executive Order.” These decrees are, in reality, nothing more than extra-democratic edicts propagated by those who pursue power over the public good. Listen in to discover the simple solution that county Sheriffs have the power of enforcement, are compelled to adhere to the will of the community and must act in compliance with the rights and liberties outlined in state and federal constitutions. In other words, there is a simple solution if county Sheriffs are educated and community leaders understand there is no real enforcement mechanism for compliance.

Discover more about the movement at Join the rally in Yuba City, California on September 16th, starting at 10am PST, via live stream at and featuring Sherriff Mack, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, activist Peggy Hall and more!

Extra Episode: Clyde Cleveland

Clyde Cleveland

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