Enjoy these episodes I produced in partnership with Mendocino County Public Broadcasting:

The Thursday Morning Report 32: Economic Hitmen with John Perkins

Enjoy this interview with legendary economic hitman John Perkins as he describes his work strong arming government leaders across the world into taking IMF and World Bank loans that enriched Western corporations at the expense of working people.

The Thursday Morning Report 31: Collapse with Micheal Ruppert

Enjoy this episode featuring the late Micheal Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon, Confronting Collapse and former editor of From the Wilderness. Micheal was an LA police officer when he discovered that the CIA was pumping crack cocaine into his city. Outraged, he became one of the most intrepid citizen journalists of his time.

The Thursday Morning Report 30: The Web of Debt with Ellen Brown

Enjoy this fascinating episode as host Doug McKenty discusses the public banking solution with Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and President of the Public Banking Institute.

The Thursday Morning Report 29: Marijuana Legalization with Allen St. Pierre

In this interview host Doug McKenty talks the nuts and bolts of marijuana legalization with the Executive Director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Allen St. Pierre.

The Thursday Morning Report 28: Transition Towns with Charles Cresson Wood

In this interview, host Doug McKenty discusses creating local sustainable economies with Transition Towns activist and author Charles Cresson Wood.

The Thursday Morning Report 27: Public Banking with Marc Armstrong

Check out this interview with Marc Armstrong of the Public Banking Institute. This alternative to the current private Federal Reserve can end the debt spiral for state and local governments around the United States.

The Thursday Morning Report 26: Partnership Studies with Riane Eisler

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses social change from a partnership perspective with anthropologist and author Riane Eisler.

The Thursday Morning Report 25: Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional County Sheriff

This knowledge of the power of the county sheriff in the United States can empower communities all over the country. Listen in as Sheriff Mack, author of County Sheriff: Americas Last Hope, describes the immense power of enforcement in the hands of the locally elected Sheriff.

The Thursday Morning Report 24: 9/11, Iraq and the Patriot Act with Susan Lindaur

In this episode of The Thursday Morning Report, host Doug McKenty discusses 9/11 with Susan Lindaur, author of the book Extreme Prejudice.

The Thursday Morning Report 23: ALEC with Lisa Graves

In this episode of The Thursday Morning Report, host Doug McKenty takes a deep dive into the workings of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This lobbing organization is responsible for filling private prisons and instituting a modern day form of slavery through work programs that charge major corporations pennies on the dollar for the use of prison labor.

The Thursday Morning Report 22: The Lies My Teacher Told Me with James Lowen

Enjoy this conversation between host Doug McKenty and James Lowen, author of The Lies My Teacher Told Me. This conversation includes a meta analysis of the history taught in the public schools and how misinformation is spread through this typically sacrosanct institution.

The Thursday Morning Report 21: Folk Medicine with Phylis Dee Light

Get a very different take on US history from Phylis Dee Light of the Appalachian Center for Herbal Studies as she discusses her healing lineage that combines Irish and Indigenous herbal traditions.

The Thursday Morning Report 20: The Libyan Invasion with Alan Cooperman

Check out this interview for an analysis of the UN’s invasion of Libya that you won’t hear on the mainstream. Host Doug McKenty talks with Alan Cooperman of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

The Thursday Morning Report 19: Fukushima with Robert Alverez

Listen in as host Doug McKenty discusses the Fukushima nuclear disaster with Robert Alverez from the Institute for Policy Studies.

The Thursday Morning Report 18: Saint Misbehavin with Wavy Gravy

Enjoy this episode featuring one of the legendary Merry Prankster as he tells the story of taking the Acid Tests Further across the world.

The Thursday Morning Report 17: John Turk and the Raven’s Gift

Tune in to this interview with Raven’s Gift author John Turk as he describes his personal journey kayaking across the Bering Sea then learning from the indigenous culture he discovered on the other side.

The Thursday Morning Report 16: John Taylor Gatto and Weapons of Mass Instruction

Enjoy this track where host Doug McKenty interviews John Taylor Gatto, teacher, education reform activist and author of The Underground History of American Education and Weapons of Mass Instruction.

The Thursday Morning Report 15: Carl Dix and the Communist Constitution

This interview features Carl Dix, a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States. Stay tuned for a discussion on the release of the Communist Constitution for North America.

The Thursday Morning Report 14: BP Oil Spill Disaster pt 2

Check out the second in this series concerning the BP Horizon oil spill disaster as host Doug McKenty discusses the issue with Mark Toyoji and Arro Viles, two activists on the ground in New Orleans.

The Thursday Morning Report 13: The BP Oil Spill Disaster pt 1

This conversation between host Doug McKenty and activists Larry Everest and Robert Sullivan discusses the damage done to the Louisiana coast during the BP Horizon Oil Spill disaster. Get first hand accounts that were not reported on by the mainstream.

The Thursday Morning Report 12: Sacred Sites and Obama’s Green Agenda

Enjoy this episode as host Doug McKenty is joined by activists Bill Harper and Alberto Figuroa to discuss the incursion of large solar arrays now being built on top of megalithic indigenous sacred sites in the Nevada desert.

The Thursday Morning Report 11: Professor Bill Viteck on the Virtue of Ignorance

Enjoy this track where host Doug McKenty discusses how an epistemology based on ignorance leads to a culture of sustainability with philospher Bill Vitek.

Get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Virtues-Ignorance-Complexity-Sustainability-Knowledge/dp/0813192587

The Thursday Morning Report 10: Kelly Harderson and the Hunt for Osama Bin Ladin

In this interview with documentary director Kelly Harderson, host Doug McKenty discusses the movie Feathered Cocaine which reveals the story of a falconer who finds himself in the middle of an international saga including cocaine smuggling and the hunt for Obama bin Laden.

The Thursday Morning Report 9: The Second Bretton Woods with Barry Eichengreen

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the major monetary policy reforms created out of the “Second Breton Woods Conference” that will effect the US dollar as the world reserve currency with Berkeley Economist Barry Eichengreen.

TMR 8: Common Sense Revisited with Clyde Cleveland

Enjoy this track with libertarian thinker Clyde Cleveland concerning his pamphlet Common Sense Revisited.

The Thursday Morning Report 7: Transition Towns

Enjoy this episode of the Thursday Morning Report with Jamie Lee and CELDF representative Mary Margill as we discuss the Transition Towns movement, Community rights and the Rights of Nature as potential solutions to combat the protections afforded to corporations through the legal concept of Corporate Personhood.

The Thursday Morning Report 6: Panarchy with Dwight Johnson

Check out this fascinating conversation with Dwight Johnson about panarchy, the idea that different kinds of government can coincide within the same geographical area. Find out more athttp://panarchy.org/ orhttps://panarchists.wordpress.com/

The Thursday Morning Report 5: Life Learning with Wendy Priesnitz

Enjoy this interview with unschooler Wendy Priesnitz, author of Challenging Assumptions in Education.

The Thursday Morning Report 4: Ecofascism with William Kay

Stay tuned for this episode about ecofascism and the elite foundations behind much of the “green” movement with William Kay of http://ecofascism.com/

The Thursday Morning Report 3: Political Ponerology

Enjoy this episode of the Thursday Morning Report when host Doug McKenty discusses the study of evil in politics with Red Pill Press publisher Harrison Koheli.

The Thursday Morning Report 2: The Electronic Privacy Information Center

Enjoy this episode of the Thursday Morning Report as host Doug McKenty discusses internet and electronic privacy with Ginger McCall of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Find out more at https://epic.org/.

The Thursday Morning Report 1: Cathrine Austin Fitts

This is a great interview I did with Catherine Austin Fitts years ago but still has great relevant information about how the current monetary system functions to empower an elite few.