This program, co-hosted with Jason Bosch of Argusfest, seeks to take a deep dive into the left/right paradigm with the intention of dismantling the Dialectic philosophy that drives it. Jason and I have noticed that while many individuals are awakening to the manipulative tactics of the upper classes, those individuals continue to cling to fundamental biases that present as vestiges of conditioning received through years of participation in the typical political divide. These biases often prevent unified action among the resistance against the technocratic elite and severely curtail the burgeoning truth movement’s ability to facilitate real political change. Our hope is to discover through conversation a new and unifying political philosophy that transcends the dialectic a brings a unified resistance together to confront the forces of technocracy that seek to create a worldwide control grid that eliminates individual sovereignty and seeks to impose a type of hive mind upon humanity as a whole.

Beyond Politics Episode 1: Transcending the Dialectic

Enjoy this new program where co-hosts Doug McKenty and Jason Bosch unite to discover the root differences between the “left” and the “right” in hopes of revealing a new and unifying philosophy capable of replacing the old paradigm. In this initial episode, Doug and Jason discuss their own differences of opinion that will eventually become topics for later episodes. Jason is the host of the “If We Were Honest” podcast”. His work can be found on the Argusfest channel on YouTube.