TAB 6: The Technology of Lockdown with Dr. Carrie Madej

Stay tuned for this episode of “Separating Facts from Fiction” where George and Doug discuss modern medical technologies and their applications creating an Internet of Bodies with Dr. Carrie Madej. These technologies may well be leading us towards a technocratic state based on healthcare totalitarianism.

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1 thought on “TAB 6: The Technology of Lockdown with Dr. Carrie Madej”

  1. Is this worth it to even still going to college/ university? it seems like this going to get really bad. I believe in Jesus and I think this is the battle between good and evil. Dr Madej do you think it’s safer to live in the jungle or in a third world country where there’s no internet and grow our own foods and hunt our meat. I believe you are right about radio frequency I always feel tired my husband is always feels tired too. Right now only 5G is available in our area. and I feel dizzy and start to have headache every time I use the computer or phone. I also believe that PCR Test might had done something to us as well.. Just can’t wait until Jesus returns. everyday is a challenge when you are depress and lonely. I just know that i can still hold on because i have Jesus in my life.

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