The Psychology of Lockdown 11: Time Distortion

Welcome to this 11th episode in the Psychology of Lockdown series where host Doug McKenty discusses the characteristic of Mystification known as Time Distortion. Those with unhealed psychological trauma get triggered into a fight or flight state by often subtle sensations that remind the subconscious mind of a time when emotional or physical abuse or other trauma occurred. A smell, an environment or a behaviour, no matter how innocuous, can transport a former victim right back into a time when their lives may well have been in mortal danger. For those many who have been traumatized by growing up in a patriarchal hierarchy, defined by bullying authority figures that punished and shamed them for not following orders, consistent fear-based propaganda can be enough to trigger feelings and emotions that destroy critical thinking while demanding adherence to authoritarian dictates. Such is the Psychology of Lockdown. Find out more about George Roche and The Line at



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