The Psychology of Lockdown Series #3: Yearning for Fulfillment

In this third installment of the Psychology of Lockdown Series host Doug McKenty is joined once again by George Roche, Executive Director of The Line International, to discusses the second characteristic of Mystification as described by famed psychoanalyst John Bradshaw: Yearning for Fulfillment. This series is dedicated to the understanding of how and why those who support draconian lockdown measures simply cannot hear, and certainly not respect, the opinions of those concerned that the loss of civil liberties and the economic catastrophe created by lockdowns are not worth the ostensible benefits of “slowing the spread” of the coronavirus disease. This episode focuses on the concept of Yearning for Fulfillment which posits that a Mystified individual, engaged in a trauma bond with an authoritarian figure, will seek fulfillment with unhealthy habits decoupled from the critical thinking characteristic of an authentic individual. Tune in as Doug and George explore this concept and apply it to the current societal crisis engulfing the planet. Find out more about George Roche and The Line at



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