The Psychology of Lockdown Series #4: The Shame Based Identity

Enjoy this fourth installment of the Psychology of Lockdown as George Roche and Doug McKenty explore the concept of the Shame-Based Identity. For those whose ideas differ from the dominant corporate/government narrative, the experience of public shaming is an all too common experience. It often appears to be weapon number one for those victimized into a trauma-based relationship with authority. This conversation explores how the Shame-Based Identity is a common characteristic of such dysfunctional relationships and how the wounded inner child will project their own shame onto those who question the dictates of an abusive government that archetypically represents the father figure with a Family Systems dynamic. If you have experienced shaming as a result of expressing your political perspectives this episode is a must. George Roche is currently the Executive Director of the anti-lockdown organization The Line which organizes weekly protests in Toronto Canada. Find out more at

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