The Shift Episode 30: Oligarchy and the DNC Lawsuit with Jared Beck Esq.

Host Doug McKenty interviews Jared Beck Esq., author of “What Happened to Bernie Sanders”, the tell all book detailing the depths to which the Democratic Party stooped to fix the primary election in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Senator Bernie Sanders. The book presents evidence showing how the DNC worked behind the scenes to influence media, spread disinformation, and stack the deck while accepting money from, and ceding control to, the Hillary for President campaign. It also discusses the lawsuit Jared and others brought against the DNC alleging fraud against the many Sanders supporters who were promised impartiality during the election process. The evidence includes emails leaked from Democratic Party headquarters exposing the level of corruption as well as the mysterious deaths of two potential witnesses for the case. This conversation goes beyond exposing corruption at the DNC but also reveals the dark underbelly of an American political system that can no longer be described as a Democracy, but as the Oligarchy it has become. Find out more about Jared Beck Esq. at, purchase the book


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