The Shift Episode 53: Viral Theory, Covid and Glyphosate with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Stay tuned for this 53rd episode of “The Shift” featuring guest Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Doctor Seneff is a tenured researcher at MIT who, after focusing for years on human-AI interface switched the gist of her research to molecular biology in hopes to discover the root cause of the Autism epidemic. Her journey has led her to the cutting edge of science itself, and allowed her to develop a wholistic theory of health and disease that may portend a revolution in how we view healthcare in the future. Listen in as she discusses how viruses may act as a type of “software update” for the human genome by allowing encoded RNA to pass from human to human in an attempt to help the body heal from toxicities in the environment. Only in those with a compromised immune system does the controlled burn become a wildfire of inflammation that causes disease and death. Is glyphosate the toxin and Covid-19 the cure? Find out in this episode of “The Shift”. Find out more about Dr. Seneff at

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