The Shift Episode 81: Wholistic Health and Tantra with Sureya Leonara

In this episode, Doug McKenty talks wholistic health and tantra with sex and wellness coach Sureya Leonara. Though many raised in Western cultures have been conditioned to believe in a materialistic world devoid of energetic influences within biological systems, all other cultures throughout the history of the world explored internal systems of energy and believed their balance was fundamental to healthy living. Shamanistic systems including ancient Daoism and Hinduism all incorporate theories regarding the function and design of this energy system, and provide a variety of ways to influence it in order to provide physical and emotional health. In this interview, Sureya describes how tantra can be used as a powerful method for balancing energies while providing a path towards overall health and wellness. This modality can be especially helpful for the many traumatized through shame and guilt surrounding sex by patriarchal authorities. Find out more about Sureya Leonara at



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