Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project Part 3: Featuring Drs. Mikovits, Young & Atty David Mieswinkle

Clifford is joined by Drs. Judy Mikovits, Robert Young and Attorney David Mieswinkle to discuss the historical Research efforts of The Carnicom Institute.

This discussion took place immediately following a 1st time viewing for all Featured Guests of Part 1.

It is strongly encouraged to view Part 1 prior to viewing Parts 2 & 3 in order to better comprehend the significance of this Disclosure.

TMT thanks All Who dare enough to care enough to share this information and place it in front of proactive Humanitarians Who possess the desire to effectively advance this Work.

We thank All Participants Who courageously appeared in Parts 2 & 3. These are the type of Humanitarians Who the Community should be supporting and amplifying.

TMT wishes to thank All at Team Carnicom for The Institutes altruistic contributions to & for Humanity spanning over 2 Decades.

Additionally, TMT is most humbled and grateful for the Support of The Carnicom Institute and of course for choosing Our Platform to Present this most compelling Research.

Going forward, all future Carnicom Disclosure Efforts will be referred to as The Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project.

The Carnicom Institute is now seeking Support in making a transition from that of a Research Institute to a Foundation. The primary focus will now be on Education and Dissemination of All Work in the Altruistic, non-profit Spirit for which the Institute has established and has always represented.

For more information and or to provide Support for this Project, please contact TMT by email at:



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