The Shift Episode 62: The Great Reset with Alison McDowell

Stay tuned for this conversation between host Doug McKenty and activist Alison McDowell, whose blog Wrench in the Gears, dives deep into the inner workings of the World Economic Forum and the many corporations behind the worldwide movements known as The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Her impeccable research skills and unfailing dedication to follow the money trail has resulted in the exposure of a plan by the billionaire class to create not only an Internet of Things, but an Internet of Bodies. Through the use of cutting edge nano and blockchain technology, the Great Reset includes plans to collect the health and biometric data of each individual to be securitized, monetized and traded on a commodities exchange. The “new normal” will contain a realty whereby the rich can make bets on the poor and profit off the success or failures of the many who will be left destitute by economic lockdowns ostensibly intended to slow the spread of Covid. While much of this sounds too crazy to be true, Alison provides the primary sources and makes the connections that once seen, cannot be unseen. Find out more at As always, check out to subscribe for the full length episodes and access to 100’s of hours of free content. We are also on Patreon at



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