The Shift Episode 61: What it Takes with Foster Gamble

Welcome to the 61st episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty is pleased to introduce guest Foster Gamble to the show. Foster is the executive producer and principle narrator of the Thrive Documentary series, the first of which ranks as one of the most watched documentaries in world history. The much anticipated release of Thrive II: This is What it Takes continues the story of Foster and his wife Kimberly as they travel the world in search of a philosophy that exposes corruption while cultivating social and economic systems within which humans can thrive in a sustainable environment, existing in harmony with the natural world. What they discovered on their journey is that these ideas already exist. Using ancient wisdom and modern science, the Thrive documentaries explore the possibilities that lie beyond the materialistic world view currently propagated by corporations and governments around the world. Based on the idea of a unified field of consciousness, this docuseries explores how a wholistic, energy based belief system can be utilized to improve the human condition which would result in a thriving world for all. To watch the documentaries, and subscribe to help make the transition, go to



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