The Shift Episode 60: The Big Picture with Makia Freeman

Enjoy this episode of The Shift where host Doug McKenty talks about the big picture with editor and principle author of The Freedom Articles blog Makia Freeman. Many of us encounter glitches in the Matrix through our favorite areas of interest and sometimes it takes years of research to discover the full extent of the lies propagated incessantly through the corporate/government propaganda machine. Wether you first noticed anomalies in the dominant narratives surrounding vaccines, economics, politics, cancer, covid, 9/11, history or even UFO’s and archeology, The Freedom Articles is a one stop shop for information that addresses your individual topic, and makes the connections to the bigger picture. This conversation addresses many of these individual topics but also connects the dots to reveal a relationship between each that lead to an understanding of the over all social engineering project and the agenda behind it all. Check out for news and information about your area of interest from within a wholistic and integrated paradigm that reveals deeper truths that lie behind the curtain.

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