Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project: Part 2 Featuring Clifford Carnicom & Dr. Carrie Madej

Clifford Carnicom of The Carnicom Institute and Dr. Carrie Madej along with TMT Host Doug McKenty discuss details of The Carnicom Disclosure Project. TMTs’ Noah Westwind and Rob Rubin make brief appearances offering-up questions for Clifford as well. This 2nd Part of The Carnicom Disclosure Project was recorded on 11/4/20 and took place immediately following a first time viewing of the Part 1 Overview for Dr. Madej. Here is the link to the Part 1 Overview which is recommended viewing prior to Parts 2 & or 3; We anticipate Part 3 which concludes this Series to be released within the next week, hopefully on or before 12/1/20. TMT wishes to thank Dr. Madej for Her participation in this extremely important Disclosure. In addition, We wish to thank Dr. Madej for Her previous Roundtable appearance with Kate Shemirani. Roundtable 15 can be viewed directly from the TMT URL at: Of course TMT is honored and humbled Clifford has chosen Our Platform to Release this updated version of The Carnicom Institute Research into the Public Domain. Going forward, TMT will be acting as a point of contact option for all Carnicom Disclosure Project inquiries. We are planning on Hosting additional Carnicom Roundtables after Part 3 is released. Those Episodes will be referred to as The Carnicom Foundation Disclosures as the Institute transitions into a Foundation focusing on Education and Outreach. Because of the delicate nature of this specific Media as with most of Our Media released to date, We are very dependent upon the Community to share this content across all Social Media Platforms. Effective sharing will always circumvent suppressing algorithms thereby making it possible for information to go viral.



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