Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project

Environmental Research Scientist Clifford Carnicom of The Carnicom Institute presents an Overview of His most recent Work. This Presentation was released 11/17/20.

There will be 2 Roundtables following this Presentation where Other Professionals across various Disciplines joined Clifford and TMT Host Doug McKenty discussing this effort. These Roundtables will be uploaded over the next 2 Weeks between 11/17 & 11/30/20.

For more information including a 72 page PDF, see & or where We have a designated url extension for all Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project Media & latest Information.

Following the release of all 3 Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project Presentations, all efforts going forward will be referred to as The Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project in Association with Transparent Media Truth.

The transition from Institute to Foundation acknowledges the point in time where the focus of the Institute transitions from Research based to that of Public Education and Advocacy.

Transparent Media Truth will act as a point of contact option for inquiries pertaining to Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Efforts.

TMT can be reached by email at:

Additionally, a direct link to all Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project Media can be found on the TMT Homepage at:

As with all TMT Media, We rely on the Community to assist by disseminating this Work.

We are humbled and grateful for all Support from the Community. Additionally, TMT wishes to express Our sincere gratitude and thanks to Clifford & All supporting Staff at The Carnicom Institute for Their tenacious and altruistic efforts in serving Humanity.



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