Shift Episode 32: Electronic Voting and Election Integrity with Jonathan Simon

In this episode host Doug McKenty discusses the questionable process behind vote counting during elections in the United States with Jonathan Simon, co-founder of the Election Defense Alliance and author of the book Code Red. Listen in as they discuss what Jonathan describes as Americans “wall of denial” about the serious integrity issues surrounding the electronic voting machines used to compile the vote count for many citizens as they cast their ballot each November. While elections in the US have never been squeaky clean, Jonathan describes just how skewed the numbers became after the passage of the Help America Vote Act in 2004. This act proliferated the use of electronic voting, which offers no way to verify the election results but instead demands that we trust the corporations behind the machines. Jonathan presents evidence from a variety of sources that reveal a “red shift” away from pre-election and exit polls that consistently favors Republican candidates over their Democratic opponents. He also mentions how the proprietary nature of the software that runs the machines makes it impossible for anyone to analyze the data. Literally, the man behind the curtain is counting votes, and handing us the results with no transparency or accountability. For those of you who perceive Russia and Syria to be banana republics, you might be surprised what you find when you discover the real process behind the American election system. Find out more about Jonathan Simon at


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