The Shift Episode 33: Social Engineering and the Trivium Solution with Duane Hayes

Join host Doug McKenty as he discusses the tactics and techniques the elite use to effectively control the mass of the population in order to manipulate for their benefit with Duane Hayes, creator of the blog “From Out of the Hayes.” Listen as they dive deep into the history of elite foundations and their undeniable influence on mass education, commercialism, social planning and even music and entertainment designed to herd the mass of individuals into a corporate culture intentionally constructed to ensure a destiny of hard labor and indebtedness to the company store. While many see the elite as “capitalists” intent on using the free market to control the means of production, the history revealed in this episode presents a concerted attempt by the upper classes to create a centrally controlled economy with corporate/government power at the top of the pyramid. In conclusion, Duane presents the basics of a Trivium education which teaches individuals to recognize mind control and assert their personal power by using critical thinking techniques to escape the influence of the brainwashing elite. Find out more about Duane Hayes at


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