The Psychology of Lockdown #5: The Trancelike Existence

Host Doug McKenty is joined once again to discuss The Psychology of Lockdown by George Roche, Executive Director of The Line International. In this series, we continue to define the characteristics of Mystification as defined by renowned psychoanalyst John Bradshaw. Focusing on “The Trancelike Existence”, this episode describes what George calls “the mask behind the mask.” For those many of us who are raised within authoritarian systems of government, the trauma experienced due to the emotional impact often causes a coping mechanism that denies our authentic selves in favor of the trancelike state of obedience towards the abuser. Rather than developing a fully individuated personality, capable of critical thinking and the creation of healthy boundaries, we instead fall back on blindly following authority. Many will go so far as to shame and criticize those who question. Listen as George and Doug discuss this “mask behind the mask” that often renders dialogue concerning lockdown measures difficult, or even impossible. Find out more about George Roche and The Line at



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