The Shift Episode 67: Monetary Theory and Cryptocurrency with Jason Bosch

There has been a debate raging online between those who feel blockchain technology a tool for technocracy, and those who believe it will liberate us from central bank control. Though many independent journalists see through the false mechanisms of the left/right paradigm, we all bring our own biases to the table. Those who lean “left” distrust cryptocurrency markets as yet another example of tulip mania and crypto markets as a baseless den of speculation that makes money out of nothing. Their concern is a future where those who control the crypto will control the world. While everyone agrees that centralized, permission-based blockchains such as Central Bank Digital Currencies are a tool for corporate control, the free marketers among us believe that a free cryptocurrency market, with competing currencies, provides a path to liberation by democratizing and decentralizing the currency creation process.

I would like to include an apology to Allison McDowell and Derek Broze for framing the debate in terms of a conflict between their respective philosophies. All of us involved in independent media and research are working towards the same goal and it was inappropriate of me to single out any researcher as in conflict with another.

Enjoy this conversation with Jason Bosch, host of the “If We Were Honest” podcast, as he discusses why he distrusts the cryptocurrency option with more libertarian-minded host Doug McKenty. This conversation really gets to the heart of the economic theory that defines the left/right paradigm but finds a lot of common ground in the fight against the corporate cartel. Find Jason’s podcast and other videos on the Argusfest channel on YouTube.



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